JoJo’s Tiny Ear by Stefania Munzi-Logus – Book Review

JoJo’s Tiny Ear by Stefania Munzi-Logus – Book Review

Jojos Tiny Ear by Stefania Munzi Logan

JoJo’s Tiny Ear

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Author and illustrator, Stefania Munzi-Logus has written an inspiring book about her son Joseph, who was born with a hearing disability called microtia. Listen as Jojo teaches you about his tiny ear that just didn’t grow, his hearing aid, and most importantly how being disabled doesn’t mean he can’t play, travel, enjoy the ocean’s roar, and do all the things kids around the world do!

This touching personal story helps build empathy and understanding and teaches us that the world is full of diversity and that you don’t have to be defined by a disability!

Review by Stacey

Author Stefania Munzi-Logus has written a book about her son Joseph (JoJo) who has a condition called Microtia, which is a birth defect of a baby’s ear meaning that the external ear is small and not formed properly, resulting in loss of hearing.

JoJo is like all other children, he plays, runs, climbs, etc. The only difference is that he wears a headband with a hearing aid attached. Stefania Munzi-Logus wanted to educate children about the condition and make them understand that children like her son are no different to them in the things they can do.

I adored the story and the passion the author has put into her writing. I’m sure there won’t be many children who will have heard of the condition. They may of only ever seen hearing aids on the older generation too, so this book will certainly be an eye-opener for them and hopefully will make them understand that sometimes children have disabilities too and that their disability doesn’t define them.

The book is filled with full-page illustrations and the text rhymes in places but not the whole way through. I also noted that occasionally (in the version I had) the text was written on part of the illustration that was dark in colour and with the text being black it was hard to read, however, I’m not sure whether this is the same with the print version.

Overall, it is a sweet, quick read that teaches children about Microtia and will hopefully have them understanding and being empathetic to someone with the condition.

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Stefania Munzi-Logus

Stefania Munzi-Logus is currently a high school art teacher in Hartford, Connecticut, specializing in portraiture, acrylic painting, watercolor paintings, illustration work and photoshop applications. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Albertus Magnus College, earning her bachelors degree in Fine Arts and previously taught at the Grove School, a private, co-educational, therapeutic boarding and day school for 11- to 18-year-olds in Madison She was also awarded the Beverly Chieffo Award of Excellence in Art in 2012. Her son Joseph was born with microtia.

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