Ratings Guide

Ratings Guide

Our ratings are from five stars down to three stars

Five stars: Masterpiece.
These books had us hooked from the beginning and we found them hard to put down. We could read them over and over again, they are that good. These are the books we would thoroughly recommend that you read.
five stars 2021

Four stars: Outstanding.
These books were excellent. We enjoyed them throughout and found them hard to put down. We would recommend that you read these books.
Four Stars 2021

Three stars: Good.
These are good books. We enjoyed reading them. They had both good qualities and a few flaws.
Three Stars 2021

We use half stars when we feel that a book is in-between two ratings.

We no longer review books that we feel we would rate only 1 or 2-stars and we have never reviewed books that we did not finish (DNF).

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