Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Whispering Stories wants you to be confident that the information you share with us is safe and secure. Looking after your personal data is very important to us. Below you can see what information we store, how we store it and what it is use for.

Who is collecting the data?

Whispering Stories collects your information via our comments sections at the end of each post and also via our email subscribers box which is located on the right-hand widget and in the footer. The subscribers list is a plugin run by Icegram and stored on the blogs dashboard, hosted securely by GoDaddy.

What data is being collected?

For the purpose of emails, we collect your name and email address.

For the comments section we collect your name, ip address, email address and if you choose to enter it, your website address (this is not mandatory).

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

The data has never been and will never be shared with any third parties. Your data is accessed by the main account holder for the blog, Stacey. She is the only person that has access to your data.

How will the information be used?

Your data collected as part of our email subscribers is used to send you an email with our latest posts.

Your data used on our comment forms is used to prove you are not a robot. On the comments form your name is visible on the blog and if you have added a web address, that is clickable too. Your email address and ip address are never shown publicly.

How long will the data be stored for?

Your data is stored on the blogs secure dashboard until you requests us to remove it.

What rights does the data subject have?

You have the right to ask us to remove all of your data from our blog and for us to stop sending you emails. To do this you can either send an email to – or if you wish to stop receiving notifications of our posts, you can click unsubscribe on the email.

How can the data subject raise a complaint?

If you wish to raise a complaint you can email Stacey who owns and runs Whispering Stories. She can be found at –


If you have any concerns about your data, or you would like to find out more information please contact Stacey on the above email address. Looking after your data is paramount to us.

Privacy Policy in Relation to Giveaways on the Blog

Giveaways are sometimes run by Whispering Stories. We used a third party company – Rafflecopter to collect your data. Once the giveaway has ended and a winner has been chosen they will be contacted via the method that they used on the Rafflecopter site, either their Twitter account, Facebook account or email address.

For the purpose of being able to send the prize to the winner, the winners home address is needed. This is collected via email and is used only for the purpose of sending the prize. Once confirmation has been received either from the winner or Royal Mail, that the prize has arrived at its destination, the address of the winner is deleted.

The information collected via Rafflecopter is then deleted too. We never store any of your personal data for longer than necessary and we never use it for any other purpose than intended.

If the giveaway is run by a company or publishers, your address will be forwarded to them for the sole purpose of sending out the prize. We never work with anyone who we believe would misuse your information.

Privacy Policy in Relation to Social Media Giveaways

We often run giveaways on our social media accounts. We do not collect any data from the sites until a winner has been chosen, then we ask for your name and address so we can send the prize. Once we have confirmation that the prize has arrived at its destination we delete your address information.

In regards to giveaways. For all our giveaways there is no cash alternative. Winners are chosen at random. The winner has 7 days to claim their prize or they lose it. We have no association or affiliation with the social media channels or publishers, authors. Physical prizes are sent via Royal Mail and tracking is obtained. We are not responsible for items being damaged or that are lost in the post. Our giveaways are only open to UK residents.


Whispering Stories does not share personal information with third-parties (except for those mentioned in the giveaway section), nor do we store information we collect about your visit to this blog for use other than to analyse content performance through the use of cookies, which you can turn off at anytime by modifying your Internet browser’s settings.


*We are not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this blog on other Web sites or media without our permission.*

*We reserve the right to change the policy at any time, so please check back regularly to keep informed of updates to the policy*