Meet the Reviewers

Meet the Reviewers


Stacey CWIP

Hi, my name is Stacey, and welcome to Whispering Stories Blog which I began back in February 2015. When I began this blog it was just me but as time went by I realised that I needed more people to join me as my TBR pile was taller than me (Not that hard given I’m only 5’3″ tall) and now we have a lovely dedicated team of reviewers who you can meet below.

I’m married to Steve and mum to three boys, well I suppose two boys and a grown-up, as my eldest is now in his twenties. I live in Manchester (UK) and I’m in my 40s. I am a carer for two of my sons as one is autistic and the other has a very rare life-threatening incurable illness which means his immune system doesn’t work the way it should and he has to have twice weekly antibody infusions to keep him alive.

I am a patient representative for the charity Immunodeficiency UK, which is a national charity supporting individuals affected by Primary Immunodeficiency.

I am also a Customer Experience Committee member for a housing association.

I have always been an avid reader, it is a form of escapism for me. You will often find me with two or more books on the go at once. I love most genres with exceptions to sci-fi and horror (we have reviewers who love these genres). If I had to choose the one genre that I adore it would be thriller, but I also love a good romance book or something that is going to make me giggle.


Nia Ireland

Hey there, my name is Nia. I’m 30(something) and live in the wilds of North Wales with a man and two cats.

I can be normally be found with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. I primarily read horror, fantasy and thrillers but I am a bit of a genre floozie and am a mood reader as well as a sucker for a beautiful cover.

These days when I’m not reading, I’m working with books as a freelance proofreader and an audiobook prooflistener and prepper – living the dream!

Having no writing aspirations or talents of my own, I’m dedicated to supporting and cheering on those that do. Books have been a constant source of joy and escape in my life and deserve all the appreciation they can get.

I also have my own Book Blog over at



Hi, I’m Selina, I have always read books from a young age and in recent years due to a Chronic Illness and having to give up work I have become an avid reader.

It helps me to escape the world that I now have to live in. Libraries and charity shops have been a rock with my reading.

I prefer Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction and the occasional Autobiography of someone I am interested in. I also review on Amazon, NetGalley and Goodreads.

I am honoured to be part of Whispering Stories blog team


Julie new 2021

Hello, my name is Julie and I’m a former NHS medical secretary. Currently, I read, write, review and give talks to local groups. In addition, I’m a church verger, school alumna and blog at I have a NT room-hosting role at Petworth House in Sussex and enjoy regularly tramping the fells in Cumbia.

I’ve been part of the reviewing team at Whispering Stories since 2016. As a published author, I understand how much every book means to its creator and appreciate the opportunity to deliver a balanced critique. I read across most genres but for children’s books, enlist the help of one of my growing band of grandchildren. #WSRT



Hello, I am Clive. I have been retired for the last five years and they have been the most varied years of my life with many new activities which include being a Church Treasurer, a National Trust Room Guide, a Countryside Ranger and more recently I have been live streaming Morning Prayer weekly on behalf of our Church. I run and cycle which keep me fit for hill walking; I recently completed the Lake District’s Wainwrights.

I have never written a book but being married to a published author I appreciate how much work is required, so I hope that my reviews are balanced to benefit both the author and the potential reader.



I’m Tina! I’m a mother of two and I own a small self-publishing services company ( in Ontario, Canada. I have a B.A. in English, a certificate in Publishing, and a graduate certificate in Creative Writing. I am an indie author myself. My post-apocalyptic novel, What Branches Grow, was a Top 5 Category Finalist in the 2020 Kindle Book Awards. You can check out my own writing (and other book reviews) at

I read most genres, but my preferred interests are science fiction, experimental literature, and historical fiction. I love reading and reviewing novels. I have been on Goodreads since 2010 and I have over 600 reviews. I love being part of the Whispering Stories Review Team!

Ed Sheehan

Ed Sheehan

Ed Sheehan has a background in technical research writing and has been published by the International Society of Explosives Engineers. The historical and technical aspects of his mystery/thriller novels are thoroughly researched. Like most new authors, he was unable to sign with an agent, so he self-published the Hologram Conspiracy, Hologram Deception, and Hologram Destruction trilogy on Amazon. Since then he has published The Recruit—a romance thriller, and A Spy is Born—a historic prequel to the other four published novels starting when the protagonist, Pat O’Sheen was a kid. Reading A Spy is Born first is a good way to be introduced to the Pat O’Sheen character.

Readers who like series characters like Jason Bourne, Mitch Rapp, and Jack Reacher will love the Pat O’Sheen character. Pat O’Sheen lives up to the heroism of the aforementioned iconic characters, but unlike them, he is also a loving and loveable family man. There are three more Pat O’Sheen novels in the editing stage.

Ed is married to his high school sweetheart, and they have three kids and three grandkids. They now live in Alabama, USA, near their grandchildren. Ed wrote his first novel in 2009 featuring covert operative Pat O’Sheen. He is now writing his ninth O’Sheen novel. The first three novels can be read alone but form a trilogy about a government leak of a top secret hologram weapon.



Hi, I’m George. I live in Columbus, Ohio USA with my wife, Sharon, and our dog, Sheldon Cooper. I am retired after a career of more than 40 years in information technology, thus giving me more time to devote to my reading and writing. My mother infused a love of reading in me from a young age, which made me a lifelong bookworm.

Until recently, I mostly read history and biography, with the occasional mystery thrown in. That changed when I wrote my first book, a murder mystery called Stalking Horse (I am in the process of getting it published). Since then, I’ve expanded my reading list to include a mix of different kinds of fiction along with my traditional reading fare.

My wife and I raised three daughters and are grandparents to five grandchildren, ages 4 to 13.

I discovered Whispering Stories while compiling a list of book review blogs for the Ohio Writers’ Association. I am active in the Association and try to attend their writers’ workshops each month. In my “spare” time, I also maintain a true crime blog at –