Review Policy

Review Policy

Review policy update image 2023


*We are not currently taking on any new review requests due to trying to catch up on the backlog. We will be back taking requests from the 4th March 2024*


Whispering Stories is a UK based book blog which has a small team of reviewers. Check out the genres we read, and don’t, below to see which category your book falls in to.

If your book is in the ‘We do not review’ section you may still be able to have it showcased by us. Check out our Free for Authors page which has plenty of FREE ways for us to help you.

Alternatively, we have Marketing Services at affordable rates. Plus, book in a slot before 31st December for 2024 and you will get your marketing package at *2023’s prices.

*The price of our marketing packages will increase slightly from 1st January 2024. We have reduced them for the last 2 years to help authors during the cost of living crisis.

Genres We Review

– Thriller
– Crime
– Detective
– Psychological
– Action
– Mystery
– Gothic
– Humour
– Romance
– Rom Coms
– YA
– Children’s Books (Only physical books – If you are outside the UK see below)
– Historical Fiction (Depending on era)
– Non-Fiction (Depending on subject – Physical books only – If you are outside the UK see below).

Genres We DO NOT Review

– Memoirs
– Autobiographies/Biographies
– Fantasy
– Regency Romance
– Medical
– Political
– Religious
– Erotica
– Poetry
– Sci-Fi
– Horror
– Self-Help
– Essays
– How-to
– Business
– Parenting

Important Information

For review purposes, we accept PDFs, epubs, or physical copies (sent to a U.K. Address). We do not accept Amazon gifts, NetGalley Widgets, or Edelweiss.

For Children’s books and Non-Fiction books, we only review physical books. Children’s books are only reviewed on the blog on Tuesdays. If you are outside the UK and your book is available on a UK site such as Amazon UK, Blackwells, or Waterstones. We can source which is the cheapest and you can pay for the book via Paypal and we will purchase it with the funds. Just let us know this is how you would like to provide the book in your review request.

We do not review sequels unless we have reviewed the previous book.

We do not review books over 600 pages long.

We do not accept more than one review request at a time per author. Once we have reviewed your book you may then send another review request.

If you choose to send a physical copy we expect that you will keep our private information confidential. We also do not permit you to send other books to the address provided without emailing a review request first.

Physical copies will also appear on our Instagram page.

Lastly, please remember that Whispering Stories is not paid to review books. If you choose us to review your book what you get is an honest review which will be done as soon as we can and the review will be placed on Amazon (U.K.) and Goodreads, alongside our blog and Twitter (X).

What to Include in Your Request

– Title
– Author Name
– Page Count
– Genre
– Release Date
– Blurb

Please don’t hard sell your book to us. The above information is all that is required. Also, don’t tell us the whole plot in your request as there is no point in us reviewing your book if we know everything.

Do not send your book to us until you have an answer as to whether we can review it.

Check out our Guide for Authors – Ten Tips on How to Request a Book Review.

About Your Review

-Once you have submitted your review request it can take up to 3 working days to receive a response.

-Please address your request to Stacey, don’t just send an impersonal mass copy email, this will be deleted.

-If we decline to review your book, it could be for many different reasons, including genre, content, how many books we have in that genre already, whether we are accepting review requests (states at the top of this page if we are not), if you have bought fake reviews (easy to spot on Amazon & Goodreads), We’ve checked the look inside on Amazon and we don’t believe it is for us. Please do not ask us to justify why we turned your book down.

-If we agree to review your book, please be aware that there will always be a wait for a review. We only have a small team and a review can take anything from a few weeks to a few months. Please don’t keep asking us whether we have read your book yet. On the day we review it, the review will feature on our Twitter(X) page and Goodreads. Amazon depends on how long it takes to publish the review on their site.

-We only post reviews of books that we award 3 stars or more due to it being a waste of our time for us to write a review for a book we didn’t enjoy. If your book is awarded less than 3 stars, or if we DNF your book, we will let you know that we have removed your book from our TBR list and will not be reviewing it.

We post all our reviews on Amazon (U.K.), Goodreads, and Twitter (X) – If you have a Twitter (X) account give us a follow – You can find us @storywhispers.

Once the review has been submitted we will not change it. We will not up the star rating. So please don’t ask.


To request a review email Stacey at [email protected]

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