Review Policy

Review Policy

Review policy 2021


*17/03/2023 – Reviews are temporarily closed. We hope to be back open soon. You can still book in posts from our Authors – Be Involved page, link just below*

Whispering Stories has a small team of reviewers and will only be taking on a few books at a time. Below is the list of genres that we review. If your book is outside of these genres then please do not ask us to review your book.

Take a look at our new Authors – Be Involved page which has plenty of FREE ways for you to be showcased by us.

Genres We Review

– Thriller
– Crime
– Detective
– Psychological
– Action
– Mystery
– Gothic
– Humour
– Romance
– Rom Coms
– YA
– Children’s Books (only physical books)
– Historical Fiction (Georgian Era onward)
– Non-Fiction (depending on subject).

Genres We DO NOT Review

– Memoirs
– Autobiographies/Biographies
– Medical
– Political
– Religious
– Erotica
– Poetry
– Sci-Fi
– Fantasy
– Horror
– Self-Help
– Essays
– How-to
– Parenting

We accept both electronic files and physical copies (UK Address). The electronic files that we accept must be able to be read on our Kindles (PDFs, epub, Mobi Files).

We do not accept Amazon gifts or Netgalley Widgets. Please do not send your book to us until you have an answer as to whether we can review your book or not.

Please include in your request:-

– Title
– Author Name
– Page Count
– Genre
– Release Date
– Blurb

Don’t hard sell your book to us. The above information is all that is required. We don’t need to know how many awards it has received or all the reviews you have for it. Also, don’t tell us the whole plot in your request as there is no point in us reviewing your book if we know what happens at every stage.

About Your Review

-Once you have submitted your review request it can take up to 5 days (usually much quicker) to receive a response either with an acceptance or refusal.

-If we refuse to review your book, it is often down to many different reasons, including genre, content, how many books we have in that genre already, etc. Please do not ask us to justify why we turned your book down.

-Please address your request to Stacey, and don’t just do a mass copy and paste of the information to every blogger.

-If we agree to review your book, please be aware that there will always be a wait for a review. We only have a small team and it can take anything from a few weeks to a few months for your book to be reviewed.

-We only offer honest feedback in our reviews, we are not a 5 stars book review blog.

-We only post reviews of books that we award 3 stars or more due to it being a waste of our time for us to write a review for a book we didn’t enjoy. If your book is awarded less than 3 stars we will let you know that we will not be reviewing your book.

We post all our reviews on Amazon (UK), Goodreads, and Twitter – If you have a Twitter account give us a follow – You can find us @storywhispers.

Once the review has been submitted we will not change it. We will not up the star rating, etc. So please don’t ask us.


To request a review please contact stacey at [email protected]

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