The Alaskan Chronicles by John Hunt – Book Review

The Alaskan Chronicles by John Hunt – Book Review

The Alaskan Chronicles by John Hunt

The Alaskan Chronicles
The Provider

Author – John Hunt
Publisher – Lodestone Books
Pages – 288
Released – 29th June 2018
ISBN-13 – 978-1785356896
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Clive
Rating – 5 Stars
I received a free copy of this book
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The year is 2020 and the President has just announced that the world is bracing itself for the effects of a huge solar storm. 17 year old Jim Richards is a gawky, unimpressive teenager in Anchorage, Alaska.

As chaos descends and society breaks down into anarchy and violence, his family team up with others to leave the city and take their chances in the Alaskan wilderness. They can no longer flick a switch to get what they want, no mobile or internet, in fact no communication at all with the wider world.

How will it play out? Jim must step up, and in doing so, find his true self, his first love, and his destiny. How will the human race survive in this new world?

New one review witch 2017

When you think you are too busy to read a novel it is amazing how much time you can create when the book is very good. I found Alaskan Chronicles: The Provider to be one of those books.

Of course the theme is not new; indeed one of the group actually rereads a copy of Swiss Family Robinson to gain inspiration for dealing with their predicament. That said John Hunt makes the story so engaging and easy to read that you will not fail to be drawn in. I am aware that he has aimed the book largely at a teenage and young adult audience, many of whom may not be familiar with previous dystopian works.

The author has brought together an interesting mix of characters to battle for survival in the Alaskan wilderness. He shows how much of today’s urban lifestyles are irrelevant when we are reduced to the absolute basic needs of security, shelter, warmth and food. Life is shown to be fragile and I really enjoyed the hunting and foraging sections.

The story is told in the first person by a narrator who is looking back from old age. Despite the Alaskan setting the text appears to be UK English.

There are a number of authors called John Hunt and neither the book nor Amazon provide any details about him beyond an earlier book by him on Spirituality, a theme which is briefly touched on in the book. This is not surprising as an event that has such an effect on the whole world would cause most to wonder what forces could be out there. What I did discover is that the publisher, Lodestone Books is the young adult arm of John Hunt Publishing which may give more clues.

I struggled hard to find fault. Possibly one could argue that they were fortunate in what they managed to collect and transport to their hideaway, in particular just how many sacks of flour did they take? No, I cannot be so fussy because my enjoyment of the adventure was too high to be spoiled by trivialities.

The book’s sub-title and its final chapters show that there is plenty of scope for future books in the series which I look forward to. Although I am well beyond the age of John Hunt’s target audience I thoroughly enjoyed this easy to read adventure. For the sheer enjoyment that Alaskan Chronicles: The Provider gave me over the handful of days that it took to read it I can give nothing less than five stars.

Reviewed by Clive

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About the Author

John Hunt has spent his life in publishing. Semi-retired, he now part time work as a reader and advisor in his eponymous company, alongside a bit of writing, dinghy sailing and bee-keeping. He lives in the south of England.

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