An Echo of Scandal by Laura Madeleine – Promo Post

An Echo of Scandal by Laura Madeleine – Promo Post

Today we welcome author Laura Madeleine to Whispering Stories with her Promotional Post for her new book ‘An Echo of Scandal‘, which was released on 19th September 2019.

An Echo of Scandal by Laura Madeleine

An Echo of Scandal

Author – Laura Madeleine
Publisher – Black Swan
Pages – 384
Release Date – 19th September 2019
ISBN-13 – 978-1784162542
Format – ebook, paperback

New Synopsis An Echo of Scandal by Laura Madeleine

In the dead of night, with blood on her hands, she made her escape.

Accused of murder, Alejandra flees her home, escaping to the southern edge of Spain, where she faces a life of poverty and destitution.

Seduced by the power of the rich and the anonymity that waits across the water in Tangier, Ale makes a bid for a new start. But it will come at a cost: a life of deception. Because Ale’s new friends want to know what she is running from, they want to know who she is and whether they can trust her.

Fifty years later, a young American writer wanders the streets of Tangier, searching for inspiration. When he stumbles across a trace of Ale’s life, he finds himself tangled in a story of scandal, love and danger that has not yet reached its end.

What Goodreads Reviewers’ Are Saying:

Historical fiction at its very best – 5 Stars

Laura Madeleine has created a story that will capture your heart – 5 Stars

It has every ingredient you could wish for in a book – 5 Stars

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About the Author

Laura Madeleine

Laura Madeleine is the author of The Confectioner’s Tale, Where the Wild Cherries Grow, The Secrets Between Us and An Echo of Scandal (2019).

After a childhood spent acting professionally and training at a theatre school, Laura Madeleine changed her mind, and went to study English Literature at Newnham College, Cambridge. She lives in Bristol, but can often be found visiting her family in Devon and getting up to mischief with her sister, fantasy author Lucy Hounsom.

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An Echo of Scandal

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