Be My Sunflower by Kathryn Simmonds – Book Review

Be My Sunflower by Kathryn Simmonds – Book Review

Be My Sunflower by Kathryn Simmonds

Be My Sunflower

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A warm and reassuring picture book about finding your courage even when you’d rather play it safe.

The children are planting sunflowers at school and Carla gets given a seed called Vernon. All the other children’s seeds are excited to get out of the packet and start growing. Not Vernon. He knows about slugs, and birds, and thunderstorms. The world is scary.

Carla waters him lovingly, but Vernon is the only seed that doesn’t grow into a seedling. “Safe and snug, snug and safe,” mutters Vernon, until he realizes how upset Carla is. Vernon understands that he needs to pluck up his courage, push himself out of the ground, and face the world. He needs to do it for Carla. And as Vernon blossoms into a sunflower, he discovers that although the world is not perfect, it can be … wonderful.

Review by Stacey

Be My Sunflower is a delightful young children’s picture book. In this imaginative story, Carla and her classmates were growing sunflowers. Each sunflower seed had its own unique personality, including Carla’s which was called Vernon. Vernon was a timid sunflower seed, whose fears held him back from blossoming alongside his peers.

Through the pages of this beautiful story, we witness Vernon’s journey of self-discovery and growth. Despite his apprehensions, Vernon’s character shines through, capturing the readers’ hearts. As Carla’s disappointment looms, Vernon’s determination to overcome his obstacles becomes a beacon of hope.

The book is filled with full-page bright and colourful illustrations that capture the essence of the story and enhances the storytelling experience. I can see little ones loving this book and for them to want to grow sunflowers just like Carla and her classmates, so get ready to buy them seeds!

Be My Sunflower is more than just a story; it’s an invitation to embrace courage, resilience, and the beauty of growth. With its irresistible charm, this book is sure to captivate young readers.

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