Coco the Mooing Horse by Leila Summers – Book Review

Coco the Mooing Horse by Leila Summers – Book Review

Coco the Mooing Horse by Leila Summers

Coco the Mooing Horse
Humorous Healing Anagrams

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Coco was a rare old horse. Instead of neighing, he used to moo. He said it was in his genes, but some said he was a loon and as mad as a hatter. After all, horses don’t moo—cows do!

Coco had big dreams of becoming a star, so when he heard about a singing contest at a nearby inn, he decided he was going to seize the moment and enter. The other animals mocked him, but he didn’t need their consent and wouldn’t let them shatter his dreams.

Coco the Mooing Horse is a delightful story in the Humorous Healing Anagrams series—a series of children’s picture books using words made from anagrams of common childhood illnesses or other issues to create a fun story. This book uses words that are anagrams of the phrase “common cold” and other connected words and phrases.

Let Coco offer you some light-hearted fun by taking your mind off your problem, allowing you to focus on something different. You’ll find that anything is possible if you hold fast to your dreams and follow your heart!

At the end of the book is a list of the anagram words that were used to create this story. Children are encouraged to write their own funny stories using this list of words.

Review by Stacey

Coco is a horse that doesn’t neigh like all the other horses he moos like a cow. He lives on a farm with lots of other animals who find him annoying and they don’t like his mooing. Coco however doesn’t care what the other animals think. He likes to moo and he thinks he has a wonderful singing voice, so much so that he enters a competition at a local inn to show everyone his singing voice.

Coco the Mooing Horse is a tremendous book for teaching children to embrace their differences and their abilities and to show the reader that not everyone is the same and that is okay.

The book has been written using anagrams of the words ‘common cold’ and those associated with that wording. To be honest, I don’t think children reading the book will care about the anagrams during the story, to be honest I didn’t even notice them when I read through the book the first time. I can see what the author set out to do and it doesn’t make the tale any less enjoyable, I’m just not sure that little readers will care that much about the anagram aspect whilst they are reading. They may have a go at the task at the end though.

Overall, the book is entertaining, good fun, and certainly different. The illustrations are soft in colour and bring the text to life. It is a quick read and would be suitable for a bedtime story.

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Leila Summers

Leila Summers

Leila Summers is an author, editor, and book coach with a love for all things creative and human. She specializes in the writing, editing, publishing, and promotion of books and currently runs her own publishing company. Leila is also a trained Heal Your Life® teacher. She has always had a passion for storytelling. It Rains in February: A Wife’s Memoir of Love and Loss is her first book. She is busy writing and publishing a series of children’s picture books and hopes to one day finish her second memoir.

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