Exploring the Appeal of Mature Romance Novels by Delaney Diamond – Guest Post

Exploring the Appeal of Mature Romance Novels by Delaney Diamond – Guest Post

Today we welcome author Delaney Diamond with her guest post ‘Exploring the Appeal of Mature Romance Novels’. Read her post below and discover her books ‘Seasoned‘ and ‘Passion Rekindled‘. – This post contains affiliate links.

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Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of more than 50 contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels, and dozens of romance short stories. Her novels with characters over 40 and older include Seasoned, Passion Rekindled, Heart Stealer, and Still in Love.

Delaney reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction. When she’s not busy reading or writing, she’s in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dining at one of her favorite restaurants, or traveling to an interesting locale.

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Exploring the Appeal of Mature Romance Novels

Depending on who you ask, mature romance novels contain main characters older than 30, than 35, or 40. I use the latter number.
Mature romance—aka seasoned romance—has grown in popularity over the years, and I believe it appeals to readers for two main reasons: the characters are relatable, and the storylines challenge stereotypes about aging and romance.

Mature Romance Contains Relatable Characters

Romance novels with mature characters offer us the opportunity to read about characters our own age, handling the problems we never envisioned facing when we were younger and those issues seemed far off in the future. In your twenties, did you think about your kids having kids? How much did you worry about retirement and spending your golden years alone?

Those are typical concerns in novels with older characters, and they enrich the plot with relatable and recognizable life experiences.

Take, for example, my novel Seasoned, which contains three novellas, all with mature characters. The story of Adelaide and Hector Flores is a second chance romance about a recently divorced couple who finds out their son got his girlfriend pregnant. They’re thrust together to deal with this family crisis, which causes Adelaide to reminisce about the past.

Something as simple as fastening a bracelet on her wrist had become an effort in acrobatics, and there were so many other tasks he used to take care of. He took out the trash the night before pickup. Washed her car. That’s what that itchy, uncomfortable feeling meant. Having him here reminded her of how much she missed…and needed him.

Older readers could easily recognize themselves in Hector and Adelaide’s situation, preparing for their grandchild to arrive, all while navigating their feelings for each other.

Mature Romance Challenges Stereotypes

When you pick up a mature romance, don’t be surprised to find some heat. These novels depict the beauty and complexity of love at any age, and demonstrate that intimacy and romance are not the exclusive domain of younger people.

Showing characters who still date, make love, and fall in love helps to break the stereotypes surrounding age and its expectations. Older couples are portrayed as vibrant and desirable, shattering ageist beliefs that couples are “too old” to engage in certain activities and unappealing because of their age.

Jackie and Tyson in the same novel, Seasoned, are reunited lovers in their fifties. Here’s what Tyson thinks when he picks her up for one of their dates.

The woman standing before him was different from the woman who’d gone on the previous two dates with him. That sultry look in Jackie’s eyes, and the way she eyed him like he was a cool drink of water after a run in the park, indicated that his chances of getting laid tonight were definitely good.

Another reunited couple in their fifties is Sylvie and Oscar, of Passion Rekindled. After being divorced for more than 15 years, one kiss reminded them of how good they had been together.

He led her to the bed, and they lay down facing each other.
“Are you sure?” Oscar asked.
“Yes. I’m sure. I’ve missed you.”

Bottom line

I’m at the age where I want to read more books with characters in my age group, experiencing life through the same lens I do—and I’m not alone.

Readers in their forties, fifties, and older expect romance novels to offer second chances, first loves, and sigh-worthy grand gestures—just like the stories that captivated us in our youth.

After all, we’re not dead yet.

Seasoned by Delaney Diamond


Author – Delaney Diamond
Publisher – Garden Avenue Press
Pages – 328
Release Date – 13th July 2020
ISBN 13 – 978-1946302243
Format – ebook, paperback, hardcover

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Three mature romance novels with couples in their forties and fifties.

After three failed marriages, Renee is through with men. She just can’t seem to get it right. Then things heat up with her neighbor, Clive. Will this relationship last, or is she destined to spend the rest of her life alone?

Right when Adelaide Flores is getting used to life without her ex-husband, they’re thrown a curve ball that forces them together. As she and Hector handle a family crisis, the time they spend together reminds her of the good aspects of their marriage and how much she still misses him. But have they grown too far apart to make marriage work the second time around?

All her adult life, Jackie has worked to get to the point where she is. She owns three successful boutiques, but there’s something missing from her life, and her happiness will depend on the tough decision she must make when her old lover, Tyson, comes back into her life.

Purchase Online From:

Passion Rekindled by Delaney Diamond

Passion Rekindled

Author – Delaney Diamond
Publisher – Garden Avenue Press
Pages – 87
Release Date – 21st February 2022
ISBN 13 – 978-1946302601
Format – ebook, paperback, audio

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As far as Sylvie Johnson is concerned, her ex-husband used her and left her and she cannot stand the sight of him. Fifteen years after their divorce, her feelings haven’t changed. She wants nothing to do with him—no matter what her beating heart suggests.

Oscar Brooks has always assumed that his ex-wife hates him, but after an unplanned kiss, he’s not so sure. Why does she always have such a hostile response to his presence? Is it love, or is it hate? He’s determined to find out.

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