The Lighthouse at the World’s End by Amy Sparkes – Book Review

The Lighthouse at the World’s End by Amy Sparkes – Book Review

The Lighthouse at the Worlds End by Amy Sparkes

The Lighthouse at the World’s End

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Adventurous, magical and brilliantly funny final book in the House at the Edge of Magic series.

Nine and her friends are headed to the mortal realm in search of the only thing that will shake a very tricky witch off their tail: a priceless stargold locket. It lies hidden in the Nest of a Thousand Treasures, guarded by Nine’s old foe – the formidable gangmaster of all the thieflings in London.

Even if Nine can get her hands on the locket, the friends must find a way to release its power – and for that they must travel through the World Between Worlds to the lighthouse on the Isle of Illusion, where nothing is quite as it seems…

Review by Stacey

The Lighthouse at the World’s End is the fourth and final book in the The House at the Edge of Magic series. If you haven’t read the previous books you really need to, to be able to fully understand this one as this isn’t a series you can dive into partway.

Nine is heading back home with her friends in tow, and a witch who wants something from her, a magical golden locket. Nine knows that she can’t give the witch the locket as it is too powerful but she also knows that she has made a promise to her, one she can not get out of.

With the help of her friends, Nine has a plan which includes travelling to the World Between Worlds and to the lighthouse on the Isle of Illusion.

The Lighthouse at the World’s End is filled to the brim with adventure and excitement. There are some remarkable characters within the pages and the plot is so full and fast that young readers won’t want to put the book down.

This middle-grade story is unusual, quirky, and strange but it is also fabulous and inspiring. Nine might have started life as a thief but she has grown so much with each book.

This last book in the series brings everything to a close and ends perfectly without leaving the reader with questions. For young bookworms who want an enjoyable, witty, magical story this is the series to choose. They will not be disappointed.

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Amy Sparkes


Amy Sparkes studied English Literature and Theology at the University of Kent, and began writing after moving to Devon with her husband, six young children and an overactive imagination. Her books have appeared on CBeebies storytime and been shortlisted for several book awards, including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and the BookTrust Best Books Awards for Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo.

She runs author events for children, writing workshops for aspiring children’s writers, produces the Writing for Children pages for bestselling Writing Magazine, and writes short stories for Aquila magazine. She co-founded the Writing Magazine Picture Book Prize for aspiring picture book authors.

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