Alex vs the Four-Headed Gargantuan by Laura Peetoom – Book Review

Alex vs the Four-Headed Gargantuan by Laura Peetoom – Book Review

Alex vs the four headed gargantuan

Alex vs the Four-Headed Gargantuan
Author – Laura Peetoom
Publisher – Lorimer
Pages – 112
Release Date – 1st August 2016
Format – paperback, hardcover
Reviewer – Stacey
I received a free copy of this book
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synopsis of a witch Alex vs the Four Headed Gargantuan

Alex gets a paper route, dreaming of the money he will make and how he will spend it. But it’s more work than he bargained for. Not only does he have to figure out how much money he gets to keep, but he also has to face dangers like the savage Yapper Snapper and the dreaded Four-Headed Gargantuan.

Illustrated comic-book-style with the adventures of Alex’s superhero alter ego, this book shows how Alex learns that his real riches are courage and kindness.

Review of a witch

‘Alex and the Four-Headed Gargantuan’ is a fun and exciting story about a young boy named Alex, and his beloved paper round. Alex is a sweet, kind kid, who is just trying to earn himself a little bit of extra spending money by taking on a paper round – a job he really loves.

His aim is to be the best paper boy that there has ever been. He wants to become ‘Super Paperboy’!

His round, even if it is only 28 houses, teaches him a lot of life skills, including organisation, saving money, and how to handle a bunch of teenage bullies.

The book is written in an easy style, especially with the comic-book illustrations. A style that will hook kids immediately, and keep them interested all the way through.

Alex vs the Four-Headed Gargantuan is a fantastic book that is more than just a fun read, it’s educational too.

Book Reviewed by Stacey


About the author of a witch

Laura Peetoom

Laura Peetoom has written about mermaids, maps, and many other subjects. In addition to being the author of several books for children and young adults, Laura has worked extensively as an editor. She lives in Markham, Ontario.

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