Authors Who Died in July

Authors Who Died in July

Discover information about authors who died in July.

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1896Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin‘ was born in Litchfield, Connecticut, USA on 14th June 1811. She died aged 85 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.


1961Ernest Hemingway, author of ‘The Old Man and the Sea‘ was born in Oak Park, Illinois, USA on 21st July 1899. He died aged 61 in Ketchum, Idaho, USA.

1977Vladimir Nabokov, author of ‘Lolita‘ was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia on 22nd April 1899. He died aged 78 in Montreux, Switzerland.


1826Thomas Jefferson, United States President and author of ‘The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth‘ was born in Shadwell, Virginia, USA on 13th April 1743. He died aged 83 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.


1932Kenneth Grahame, author of ‘The Wind in the Willows‘ was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 8th March 1859. He died aged 73 from intracerebral haemorrhage in Pangbourne, Berkshire, UK.

1962William Faulkner, author of ‘A Rose for Emily‘ was born in New Albany, Mississippi, USA on 25th September 1897. He died aged 64 in Byhalia, Mississippi, USA.


1930Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles‘ was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 22nd May 1859. He died aged 71 in Crowborough, East Sussex, UK.

2020Elizabeth Harrower, author of ‘In Certain Circles‘ was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 8th February 1928. She died aged 92 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


2020Brad Watson, author of ‘The Heaven of Mercury‘ was born in Meridian, Mississippi, USA on 24th July 1955. He died aged 64 in Laramie, Wyoming, USA.


2020Joanna Cole, author of ‘The Magic School Bus‘ was born in Newark, New Jersey, USA on 11th August 1944. She died of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis aged 75 in Sioux City, Iowa, USA.


1817Jane Austen, author of ‘Mansfield Park‘ was born in Steventon, Hampshire, UK on 16th December 1775. She died aged 41 in Winchester, Hampshire, UK.

1899Horatio Alger Jr, author of ‘The Young Bank Messenger‘ was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA on 14th January 1832. He died aged 67 at his sister’s house in South Natick, Massachusetts, USA.


1946Gertrude Stein, author of ‘Tender Buttons‘ was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA on 3rd February 1874. She died aged 72 after having surgery for stomach cancer in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

2017Sam Shepard, Author of ‘The One Inside‘ was born in Fort Sheridan, Illinois, USA on 5th November 1943. He died from complications from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, aged 73 in Midway, Kentucky, USA.

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