Reading and Its Effects on your Emotions

Reading and Its Effects on your Emotions

Reading and Its Effects on your Emotions

AD – Are you a book lover?

Do you find yourself emotionally charged after reading a book?

Do you feel a connection with the characters and words?

If these questions resonate with you then you have landed on the correct topic to read about. This article will let you know about the impacts a book has on a persons emotions when they read a book.

There is some cosmic connection between books, words, and stories with humans. Most people who bottle up their emotions and do not like to feel difficult emotions are more inclined towards reading books and stories. It proves to be a mode for them to feel and channelize their emotions. Visit QINPrinting to find out more about book printing.

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When writers are conscious about working on making a connection between the characters and the readers, such books prove to be very emotionally charged. People feel happy whenever a character is happy, they feel sad when any of the characters are sad, they fear whenever something goes wrong with the characters, they squeal in excitement whenever they witness and feel any character achieving milestones in their life.

They feel grief with the characters. Whenever they face any adversity, they feel angry with and for the characters. A book can make readers aware of a range of emotions that they are unable to identify in themselves in their own life.

This impact shows how involved and emotionally connected the readers are with a book. It is also significant evidence of good quality writing and a good story that can connect large audiences.

This emotional attachment shows how a reader is living another life by immersing themselves in a story or fictional book. It becomes an outlet for them to feel every emotion that they are unable to express in their real life. They feel open to express as the words of the book make them feel a strong resonance with what they feel. It makes them feel less judged and more supported through the characters and story.

Moreover, People want to involve themselves in stories, fantasies, and fiction just to escape from reality. According to human psychology, people tend to distract themselves. And reading a book is one of the most famous types of distraction or escapism from reality. People tend to obsessively indulge in reading for hours and days without any interval. Just to escape their mind, thoughts, and trauma.

Relevance, resonance, and a strong storyline prove to be important factors in a good book. That can make the person feel and impact all sorts of emotions.

The following are the emotions that a person can feel while reading a book which they usually avoid feeling for themselves:


Readers can feel happiness. Generally, some humans are scared to feel happy for themselves. They feel that they don’t deserve it or it will soon be snatched away from them. So they suppress the emotion. But in the case of stories, they genuinely feel happy without any stress or anxiety of the happiness going away.

Readers feel what the characters are feeling at that moment. It’s oddly funny how humans are more present now in stories and not in real life. And that’s the same reason for their inability to feel emotions in real life because they are always thinking about the future or their pasts.

Sorrow/ Grief:

Readers can feel the sorrow and grief whenever anybody in the book faces any adversity or loss of a loved one. The reader can feel as if they have lost one of their loved ones. It is only then they realize how much grief they have stored in their body. They realize what it feels like via the words of the book which can make them realize the grief they have in their body for their lost loved ones. It influences them to feel it for real. It makes them feel connected with their emotions step by step.

Talking about this makes them feel that reading a book is a channel of emotional regulation for a person. I can only imagine what you must be feeling now. About all the books that had made you feel all these emotions.

Another aspect is that humans tend to hide their emotions, even if they are regulating their emotions through book reading. They do not accept that they are feeling emotions for themselves. They do it through and in the name of characters so that they do not have to acknowledge their pain to themselves. That can be difficult to handle.

Now you might be feeling like going back to the books that made you feel sorrow and grief and analyzing what you processed through the characters. It will be a hard hit but do give a chance to conscious reading.


We as humans hide our pain and trauma in deep layers. So it is a hard process and peel all the layers and actually, witness what pain and trauma are residing inside you. So humans tend to feel trauma and resonate with the characters while reading books.

You gain the words and a third-person experience of trauma that made you feel supported, seen, and heard. It makes you realize it’s not only you that has faced such situations. You see yourself in the characters that you resonate with, without acknowledging it to yourself. How tricky we as humans are; feeling the emotions but also not feeling them as ours.


Some people are unable to cry in real life. They feel a need to have an outlet for them to get the heaviness out of their systems. People tend to read such stories that can cause them to cry. They are unable to cry for themselves. But they can do it if it’s for any other character of the story. They feel it in their bones when any character in the story is crying and sobbing. They cry with them. They feel all the emotions that the character is going through.

Loneliness/ Neglect:

The people, who are deeply wounded by neglect and feel lonely tend to seek support through book reading. They envelop themselves in stories with the rich world of imagination that they feel is a reality for themselves for the time being.

They feel supported and loved through the characters and their lives. They see themselves in a character that is also lonely in the story. They feel acknowledged with the fact that many people in the world feel like this.

They often feel lost again when they stop reading a book because they have to get back to reality and that same old loneliness.

Thus, these are some emotions and effects one can feel while reading a book.

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