Batpig: Too Pig to Fail by Rob Harrell – Book Review

Batpig: Too Pig to Fail by Rob Harrell – Book Review

Batpig Too Pig to Fail by Rob Harrell

Batpig: Too Pig to Fail

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With great porker comes great responsibility.

Gary Yorkshire is finally getting into the swing of this whole superhero thing – saving the world from terrible villains, masterfully concealing his identity with a very small mask. But what happens when Batpig is called to battle time itself in a maths class that just won’t end? Or when the city is attacked by something completely (and literally) out of this world?

It’s not easy being a super-swine, but with the help of his best friends Brook the bat and Carl the fish, there’s no hamburglar they can’t catch.

A brilliantly funny and skilfully rendered commercial young graphic novel series, with each book containing two separate stories.

Review by Stacey

Batpig: Too Pig to Fail is a children’s comic book-style graphic novel that is filled with adventure and features a new superhero, a pig called Gary Yorkshire, and his classmates.

The book features three stories, two at eleven chapters, and a short story that is just one chapter long, written as the intermission.

The first story, The Class that Wouldn’t End! sees Batpig fighting a new evil villain, the school janitor, who after a lightning storm destroyed the school’s clocktower and embedded a clock face on his top has learned how to control time and is making the school day go on and on to teach the kids a lesson.

The second story (the short one), features Batpig’s classmates Brooklyn and Carl in Aquarium Dreams. The friends are visiting the local pet shop where Carl is saving to buy a top-of-the-range fish tank (he’s a fish).

The last story, Lights, Camera, Chaos features the three friends, some aliens, a very rude megastar who Batpig loves, and some smelly socks.

The stories are all very imaginative, a whole lot of fun, and enjoyable from beginning to end. They are filled to the brim with comedy and I loved that the short story plays a role in the last one.

This is a book that I can see children giggling along with. Asides from the humour the three friends were wonderful characters who always looked out for one another and were on the side of ‘good’.

The illustrations are amazing. They tell the story, even without the words, and are bright and colourful. Whether you have an avid reader or a reluctant one, if they like humorous stories and superheroes then give them a copy of this book, it will keep them entertained and amused and I can see them wanting more – Good job this isn’t the only book in the series!

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Rob Harrell is an author and illustrator based in Indiana, USA. He has previously published many books for young readers, including the hit illustrated novel series Life of Zarf and middle grade novel WINK, which received huge praise across the US and UK, including a starred review from the New York Times and a best book of the year by both TIME Magazine and the New York Public Library.

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