A Busy Day for Birds by Lucy Cousins – Book Review

A Busy Day for Birds by Lucy Cousins – Book Review

A Busy day for birds by Lucy Cousins

A Busy Day for Birds

Author – Lucy Cousins
Publisher – Walker Books
Pages – 34
Released – 1st February 2018
ISBN-13 – 978-1406378047
Format – paperback, board book
Reviewer – Stacey
Rating – 5 Stars
I received a free copy of this book


Flap your wings, fly up high, open your beak and sing in this fun action rhyme story about fantastical birds by multi-award-winning author Lucy Cousins.

“Can you imagine …just for one day …you’re a busy bird? Yes, a bird! Hooray!” Can you stand on one leg like a flamingo or waddle like a penguin? How about say “cock-a-doodle-doo!”, “tuwit-tuwoo” and even “tra-la-la”? What a busy day you will have!

A bouncy read-aloud book to be enjoyed; beautifully illustrated with bold, bright colours and packed with all sorts of wild and wonderful birds!

Review 2017

A Busy Day For Birds, is a fun book aimed at young children. Each page contains a different bird and gives the child some ideas of how to mimic that bird. ‘Flap your wings and you can fly, higher and higher up, up in the sky.’ – Can you imagine a little one running round flapping their arms up and down, giggle whilst doing so?

I certainly can visualise all the little kids copying the birds, wanting to be just like them. For this reason I doubt it would be any good as a bedtime story as the actions would get the child excited, but during the day I can just see them having so much fun. I can also picture a teacher reading this book to a class and all his/her students acting like birds too.

The book comes in two different formats, paperback and board book. The paperback would be great for kids who are a little older and can flick through the pages without ripping them. The board book would be perfect for little ones who haven’t gained that skill yet, as it is sturdy.

Each page is very colourful and the text is not only large, but written in a rhyme too. Plus, there are also only a few words per bird, which to me means that this would also be a wonderful book for a child learning to read.

As well as acting out each scene, there is the chance to sit with your child and teach they about the different types of birds there are. From starlings to parrots, penguins to owls, this book is not only fun, but could be educational too.

I fully recommend A Busy Day For Birds, as it has everything a young child could want in a book.

Reviewed by Stacey

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About the Author

Lucy Cousins

Lucy Cousins, BA Honours in Graphic Design from The Faculty of Arts and Architecture, Brighton Polytechnic, postgraduate degree from Royal College of Art, is an author-illustrator of children’s books.

She is best known for her books featuring Maisy Mouse but she has also published other children’s books including one about Noah’s Ark. She is a mother of four and lives in Hampshire, England. Her own children are the inspiration for her books whose age range is 2-8.

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