Christmas Eves at Pine Mountain by Isla Ryder – Book Review

Christmas Eves at Pine Mountain by Isla Ryder – Book Review

Christmas Eve at Pine Mountain by Isla Ryder

Christmas Eves at Pine Mountain

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A sweet, best friends to lovers, Christmas romance novella.

Kelsey couldn’t be more excited about the Pine Mountain Christmas Eve party. It’s going to be her perfect chance to have a meaningful conversation with her long-time crush, Christian. But everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Luckily, her BFF Ryan is there to help.

Ryan holds the title of Kelsey’s bestie, but the idea of more tugs at him. If Kelsey could only see what he has to offer, would she feel the same?

When Kelsey’s Christmas Eve wish takes on a life of its own, she inexplicably wakes up on the morning of December 24th… again. And again, and again.

How long will Kelsey be stuck in this tinsel-fueled day before she sees what’s right in front of her? Can a little Christmas magic help her see who she should really be kissing under the mistletoe?

Review by Selina

In Christmas Eves at Pine Mountain we meet Kelsey, who has a love of horses, especially her own, Beacon. Her best friend Ryan lives next door and although he doesn’t share her love of horses he does help out filming Kelsey while she is riding. Little does Kelsey know that Ryan is in love with her and always has been.

But Kelsey has a big crush on Christian. Christian is also into horses and loves riding. Kelsey is excited for the Pine Mountain Christmas Eve party as she knows Christian will be there and hopes to make her move.

Kelsey makes a wish every year at midnight on Christmas Eve and this year is no different. In the morning her alarm goes off and it seems Kelsey is stuck in a time loop, just like in Groundhog Day. Every morning it is Christmas Eve again and as Kelsey knows what is about to happen she goes about changing things in the hope she can stop the cycle and finally make it to Christmas Day.

With the help of Ryan, has Kelsey finally found her prince charming or is she stuck in a loop with no way back?

I really enjoyed Christmas Eves at Pine Mountain, it is a quick read but one I was absorbed in and was hoping for the best outcome throughout.

Isla Ryder’s love of horses certainly shines throughout the story. We also have the will-they-won’t-they? romance predicament that we all love to read about.

I adored the book so much I would love to see a sequel as these characters certainly have so much more to give us.

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Isla Ryder


Isla grew up around horses but never owned one of her own, instead settling for riding lessons, 4H, and every horse book she could get her hands on. When those books stopped being enough, she began writing her own. Throughout school, she loved creative writing classes and earned a BDIC degree in Equine Business from UMass Amherst in 2011.

Now she uses her equine expertise to bring realism to her writing, with sweet equestrian romance series written for horse lovers by a horse lover.

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