Saving Sunnyville by Katrina Emery – Book Review

Saving Sunnyville by Katrina Emery – Book Review

Saving Sunnyville by Mckenzie Richardson

Saving Sunnyville

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Sunnyville has everything it needs. But one day, trouble arrives. When a sudden landslide cuts off all its power, water and fresh food deliveries, it’s up to a few curious and smart kids to find the solutions. Maya, Ana and Scotty head to the hills to explore. Using real-world examples found in nature and engineering solutions, the kids work hard to bring back clean water, electricity and fresh food to the townspeople. With their inspiring solutions, they end up not only saving Sunnyville but also creating a new and improved town.

Review by Stacey

Saving Sunnyville is a children’s picture book that teaches youngsters about renewable energy, engineering, and how nature can work wonders.

The story begins with a thriving small village called Sunnyville. However, after expanding and building up the local mountain, the mountain rumbles down and cuts the village off from the rest of the world. They lose power and the water is now just trickling in.

The plot is about how the local children come up with solutions to help keep the town going. From realising they can collect water from the fog to making their own wind turbines to create electricity.

The book is about teaching the reader that by using their imagination and by doing their bit they can help save the planet from a disaster that will occur in years to come if we don’t change our ways.

The message comes across strongly and the text was aimed at the right level. The illustrations were colourful and followed the plot perfectly, showing the children and their ideas, and failures along the way.

Overall, a tremendous children’s book that will hopefully educate, and inspire a new generation to take care of the planet.

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