Climate Action by Georgina Stevens – Book Review

Climate Action by Georgina Stevens – Book Review

Climate Action by Georgina Stevens

Climate Action

Author – Georgina Stevens
Illustrator – Katie Rewse
Publisher – 360 Degrees
Pages – 72
Released – 4th March 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-1838911614
Format – ebook, hardcover
Rating – 5 Stars
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This is a book about climate change.

In this book, we share the facts, but we also share hope. Learn about the causes of climate change and how it is affecting our world. Explore the human impact and what it means to have a carbon footprint. Read about creative ideas for tackling the climate crisis. Be inspired by the positive stories from young changemakers around the globe. Get tips on how to take actions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our planet needs us, and we need our planet.

One tree will be planted for every book sold in the UK.

Review by Stacey

Climate Action is an amazing book that is full of facts, useful, and educational. It is available in ebook and hardcover, but in my opinion, the hardcover is the copy you want. It is exceptionally beautifully illustrated and with there being so much information to take in children (and adults) can flick back and forth between the pages.

The book is about saving the environment, but it goes one step further than just telling children that the world needs saving, and here are a few tips, it explains why the world needs saving, what is causing climate change, and really useful ways to help, not just the usual stop drinking out of plastic bottles and reuse bags.

There are four sections to the book, not including the foreword or glossary, these include ‘Causes’, ‘Effects’, ‘Our Part’, and ‘Inspiration’.

In ‘Causes’ the book looks at climate change and why the earth is getting hotter, including greenhouse gases. It also looks at things such as deforestation, buildings, mining, transport, and their effects. As well as explain what is happening there are examples of how some places, people, organisations are fighting back and also information on people around the world who are trying to help in different ways.

In ‘Effects’ the section looks at what is happening across the world because of climate change, such as rising sea levels, flooding, tropical storms, droughts, etc. There is a lot of touching and worrying information in this section which then leads us on nicely to the ‘our part’ section in which the book explains our carbon footprint and how it is calculated and what we can do to help lower it across our homes, with our food, our lifestyle choices, and transport.

The last part ‘Inspiration’ is where children get to meet some amazing young people who have done so much good and are helping to shape their future and the next generations, and those yet to come.

Climate Action is a remarkable book that gives children all the knowledge they need to understand climate change, what causes it, and how they can help, written in detail but in easy to understand language that is interesting and engaging too.

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Author Info

Georgina Stevens is a sustainability writer, advisor and campaigner. She is a big believer that each of us has the power to make seismic change in our world, and she organises the Be The Change events to help plant seeds of inspiration in this direction. Her favourite things are walking with her dogs, forest-bathing and planting things with her son, Rafael.

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