Leading People in Change: A Practical Guide by Jennifer Bryan

Leading People in Change: A Practical Guide by Jennifer Bryan

AD – Today on the blog we welcome author Jennifer Bryan, with her promotional post for her book ‘Leading People in Change: A Practical Guide‘, which was released on 27th January 2021. Check out the book below which is available from all good bookshops and Amazon now.

Leading People in Change A Practical Guide

Leading People in Change: A Practical Guide

Author – Jennifer Bryan
Publisher – Hero
Pages – 160
Release Date – 27th January 2021
ISBN 13 – 978-1800316881
Format – ebook, paperback


In a world defined by dramatic technological and economic shifts, business organizations large and small are finding themselves having to adapt and transform at an unprecedented pace. While these demands have led to numerous theories of change management – often with over-complicated methodologies and purely technology-focused approaches – the fact remains that change is primarily about people.

Aimed at the ordinary line manager just as much as the director of a large company, this book is a short, simple account of practical steps to lead people through change successfully, with quick and easy chapters and pertinent case studies. Drawing on the author’s own tried-and-tested ABChange Model, Leading People in Change: A Practical Guide will help you to find the change strategy that is right for your business.

What Reviewers’ are Saying

“I found the content easy to read, and I could hear Jennifer saying this to me. There are lots of good insights and experiences that she shares with the reader that are very helpful in leading change.” – Steven Green, Director of Business Programs, Microsoft

“Insightful, educational and to the point, excellent read, provides real world, some great experiences and lessons learn all of which can be re-applied quickly and effectively in the real world, well done, Great book.” – Andrea Jones, Director of Treasury at Association of Change Management Professionals UK Chapter

“In this book, Jen manages to successfully demystify the often ill-defined discipline of Change Management; she adds a generous helping of practicality and provides us with real world examples that are simple to adopt and implement in your change initiatives. You’ll learn enough from the included Case Studies alone to justify the cover price!” – Sean Galloghly, Prosci Certified Change Management Advanced Instructor

“Whether you are starting to encounter change, or feel like a veteran, this book will give you insight into how to lead your teams intentionally through it. It brings light into the murky view of how to approach change with a conscious strategy, as opposed to a reactionary plan. It is a great leveller for feelings of overwhelm, to lead you to a clear and strategic plan for the way ahead, that meets the needs of the employees and business you find yourself in. I recommend all leaders grab a copy!” – Nicola Forbes-Taylor, Leadership Consultant and People Director, NFT Consulting

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Author Info

Jennifer Bryan

Jennifer Bryan is a practicing Change Consultant and published author, who has worked with over 30 different organisations across multiple industries. She is also a Non Executive Board Member of the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) UK Chapter. She believes in helping people – in whatever capacity she can – by making sure people are thought of first, last and throughout change projects and programmes. She has created a unique leading change framework, the ABChange Model, which is shared in the book, “Leading People in Change: A Practical Guide,” along with multiple case studies when it has been used.

The Model is underpinned by accepted theories in leadership and change. It then builds upon them a framework which enables managers to create their own strategies and action plans, effecting specific change within their organisations.

As well as this book, Jennifer is author to the articles Successfully Managing Change in the Workplace in Corporate Real Estate Journal vol. 8.1, Journey of Leadership in the Workplace in iCroner (September 2014) and Lead Behaviour in Coaching at Work (July 2012).



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