Look Both Ways by Linwood Barclay – Book Review

Look Both Ways by Linwood Barclay – Book Review

Look Both Ways by Linwood Barclay

Look Both Ways

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They think as one. They act as one. They kill as one.

The residents of Garrett Island are part of a ground-breaking experiment. For a month, their cars will be replaced by self-driving vehicles – voice-controlled, comfortable and safe.

Single mum Sandra is prepping for the huge media event, and she’s ready for a driverless future. Widowed after her husband fell asleep at the wheel, she’s relieved that her kids may never need to drive themselves.

But as the day gets underway, disaster strikes. A journalist vanishes, possibly murdered. And before long, it’s clear something is very wrong. The cars are no longer taking orders from their passengers. They’re starting to organise. They’re starting to hunt. And they’ve got the residents of Garret Island in their sights.

Review by Stacey

Look Both Ways is a terrifying futuristic novel featuring killer cars – It certainly gave me the heebie-jeebies ‘Christine’ style!

On Garrett Island just off the coast of Massachusetts, the residents are the subject of a new trial. They are each to swap their cars for a self-driving, voice-commanded car from the firm ‘Arrival’ in a month-long experiment.

All set to be the trial of the decade, Arrival was in good shape, that was until the cars stopped listening to their new owners and had murder on their electronic minds.

How relevant can you get a novel, what with all the AI talk at the moment and how this technology will take over mankind – Did nobody watch 80’s Sci-Fi movies? Look Both Ways will certainly make you think and quite possibly put you off self-driving cars for good.

The book is a different focus for the author and whilst I prefer a straight-up thriller the plot really works and was intriguing and exciting to read as well as full of twists at every opportunity.

There is a tension that fills the air as you read this book and I was a little on edge more than once. It is crazy, yet could be far too realistic for my liking. Overall, I was kept engaged the whole way through with this page-turner of a thriller. The characters brought the plot to life and I was both sad and relieved with I reached the end.

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Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay, a New York Times bestselling author with twenty novels to his credit, spent three decades in newspapers before turning full time to writing thrillers. His books have been translated into more than two dozen languages, sold millions of copies, and he counts Stephen King among his fans.

Many of his books have been optioned for film and TV, a series has been made in France, and he wrote the screenplay for the film based on his novel Never Saw it Coming. Born in the US, his parents moved to Canada just as he was turning four, and he’s lived there ever since. He lives near Toronto with his wife, Neetha. They have two grown children.

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