Maybe by Chris Haughton – Book Review

Maybe by Chris Haughton – Book Review

Maybe by Chris Haughton


Author – Chris Haughton
Publisher – Walker Books
Pages – 40
Released – 1st April 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-1406385526
Format – hardcover
Rating – 4 Stars
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Three little monkeys, and their big monkey, are sat high up on their branch in the forest canopy. “Ok, monkeys! I’m off,” says the big monkey. “Now remember. Whatever you do, do NOT go down to the mango tree. There are tigers down there.” Mmm … mangos! think the little monkeys. They LOVE mangos. Hmm … maybe … maybe they could just look at the mangos? That’d be ok, right?

Review by Stacey

Maybe… is young children’s picture book about three little monkeys who are learning a life lesson. When their mother leaves them alone, she warns them not to go to the mango tree as there are tigers around who want to eat them.

When she leaves they talk each other into just going to look at the mango tree. But they can’t resist getting closer for a taste as they love mangos. What they can’t see are the tigers waiting in the bushes, lurking and watching the monkeys, getting ready to pounce.

The story for me was about emphasising to children that they should 1) do as you are told. 2) you can’t always see the danger. The monkeys certainly learned a valuable lesson – maybe…

The illustrations throughout are full-page and are just like the cover, with lots of deep reds and blues. The text is kept to a minimum, making this book quite a simple and quick read.

The book was enjoyable and entertaining. It would make a lovely class or bedtime story.

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Author Info

Chris Haughton is an Irish illustrator and author living in London. He was listed in Time magazine’s ‘DESIGN 100’ for the work he has been doing for fair trade clothing company People Tree.

His debut book ‘A Bit Lost’ was first published in English in September 2010. It has been translated into 15 languages and won 9 awards in 7 countries including the Dutch Picturebook of the Year.

‘Oh No George’ came out in March 2012 and has been nominated for 6 awards in 4 countries including the Roald Dahl Funny award.

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