Naughty Ned and Wild Hair Sue by Konnilaree Sanders – Book Review

Naughty Ned and Wild Hair Sue by Konnilaree Sanders – Book Review

Naughty Ned and Wild Hari Sue by Konnilaree Sanders

Naughty Ned and Wild Hair Sue

Author – Konnilaree Sanders
Publisher – Stories by Mom
Pages – 30
Release Date – 21st February 2017
ISBN-13 – 978-0692845554
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Stacey
I received a free copy of this book
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New Synopsis Naughty Ned and Wild Hair Sue

“Naughty Ned and Wild Hair Sue” is a silly story in a child’s make-believe world. We all know the importance of good grooming habits, but sometimes it takes a harebrained story to remind us.

The story begins with a wild little Sue. She loves to play, and her hair loves to tangle. One day her favorite kite snags her hair. Her mom was able to pull it out, but Sue refused to let her mom brush it. She had enough hair tugging for one day.

She tried to conceal her messy locks. Each day her hair tangled, and snarled, and kinked until a formidable hair knot formed. She named him Ned and he lived on her head. But, after a troublesome dream that Ned was alive, she knew he had to go.

From that day forward, she would always brush her hair. This book is fun for kids and a great way for parents to address the problem of little girls and their inevitable tangles.

New Review

No matter how much Sue brushed her hair it was never enough. With all the running, jumping, dangling upside down that she did, her hair always got in a twist.

One day whilst out flying her kite, a duck flew into it and made it crash to the ground, taking Sue with it. Unfortunately the kite became tangled in Sue’s hair. When the kite was untangle from Sue’s hair, it had left a terrible knot, one that couldn’t be easily brushed out, as it hurt Sue’s head.

At the night-time, Sue dreamt that the knot had come alive, a frightening knot that kept on getting bigger, called Ned.

Naughty Ned and Wild Hair Sue is a short, young children’s book, all about the importance of good hair care. The author took the inspiration for the book from her two daughters, whose long hair was hard to maintain.

The story is written in a humorous, engaging manner, and is illustrated beautifully. Being the mother of three boys, who all have short hair, I don’t have this problem, but I do have plenty of nieces, all with long hair, all whose hair used to be constantly tangled when they were younger.

Naughty Ned and Wild Hair Sue is perfect for all those children who don’t like brushing their hair, and for all parents/guardians who try to get them to do it.

Book reviewed by Stacey

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New About the Author

Konnilaree Sanders Naughty Ned and Wild Hair Sue

Konnilaree Sanders is a mother of two from Mesa, AZ. She previously worked in the field of accounting until she traded her calculator for a keyboard and art set.

Konnilaree was inspired by and a bit mystified by her children’s imagination, feelings, and reactions to the world around them. Her stories combine her real life experiences and artistic imagination to create a world that both kids and adults can relate to.

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