Skinny Legs by Isabel Keats – Book Review

Skinny Legs by Isabel Keats – Book Review

Skinny Legs by Isabel Keats

Skinny Legs

Author – Isabel Keats
Pages – 36
Release Date – 5th December 2016
Format – ebook
Reviewer – Stacey
I received a free copy of this book
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New Synopsis Skinny Legs

What would you do if the boy who had picked on you in grammar school suddenly re-entered your life as a dashing heartthrob in need of your help?

Would you settle old scores or try to forgive and forget?

New Review

Skinny Legs is a short story of only 34 pages long. When Alexander Hamilton, creator and producer of a popular TV series for children, is seriously injured in a skiing accident, and bed-bound, his friend Sam organises a live-in nurse for him.

However when nurse Nina Stewart turns up for her first day on the job, it would seem that the two of them already know one another. They were school arch-nemesis.

Nina used to be the butt of Alexander and his friends’ jokes, in which some of the names they called her were skinny legs, metal mouth, oh and four eyes.

But the tables have certainly turned. With Alexander being an invalid, and Nina being there to care for him, will she stay professional, or will this be the perfect opportunity to seek revenge on the boy who made her school life hell?

Skinny Legs is a quick book, revolving around two central characters, Alexander and Nina. The two are very likeable, and work well together. The book has an authentic feel to it, and you could imagine the scenario in real life.

It is a light-hearted book, filled with laughter. If you are after a quick pick-me-up, or just a enjoyable easy to read story, then this is the book for you.

Book Reviewed by Stacey

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New About the Author

Isabel Keats Skinny Legs

Isabel Keats is just an ordinary woman who one day felt like writing. A mother of a large family (dog included), she is lucky to have something more valuable than gold: free time, even if not as much as she’d like. She loves romance and loves happy endings, so in short, she writes romance because at this point in her life it’s what she most wants to read.

Isabel Keats -winner of the HQÑ Digital Prize with Empezar de nuevo (Starting Again), shortlisted for the first Harlequín Short Story Prize with her novel El protector (The Protector) and for the third Vergara-RNR Romantic Novel Contest with Abraza mi oscuridad (Embrace My Darkness)- is the pseudonym concealing a graduate in advertising from Madrid, a wife, and a mother of three girls. To date she has published almost a dozen works, including novels and short stories.

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