Suicide Bridge by Daniel Kowalski – Book Review

Suicide Bridge by Daniel Kowalski – Book Review

Suicide Bridge by Daniel Kowalski

Suicide Bridge

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After hearing that a co-worker has committed suicide by jumping off a bridge, a recovering drug addict begins investigating the case on her own and she starts to suspect that her boyfriend might be a murderer.

Michelle Rhodes is taking life one day at a time. She’s a recovering heroin addict that ODed when she was driving with her toddler son in the car. Her now ex-boyfriend Frank has full custody of the child while Michelle went to rehab, started a new job as a fast food manager, found a new boyfriend named Cory, and she got her own apartment. She’s been clean for more than four months now. Her life isn’t great but she’s working on that.

Everything changes for her when her co-worker and friend, Sarah, disappears. Sarah’s car was found abandoned on a bridge and it looks like she jumped but no one can say for sure that’s what happened because her body hasn’t been recovered. However, in their small town, people are gossiping and the general consensus is that she probably killed herself because it was well known that she and her very wealthy father had a very rocky relationship.

Michelle tries not to have an opinion until all the facts are known. But after she finds a necklace that belonged to Sarah hidden in her boyfriend’s things, she starts to suspect that he might be involved in a possible murder.

Michelle will follow her suspicions about Cory because she desires to help her lost friend. It won’t be easy for her. The lead detective on Sarah’s case is Frank and there are a lot of hard feelings between the former couple. Michelle will do her best to put those aside because she is determined to discover the truth. But what she doesn’t realize is that the truth will be far more sinister than she could have ever imagined.

Review by George

Michelle Rhodes is having a rough time of it. Following an injury during childbirth, she became addicted to opioids. This, in turn, caused her to have an accident while driving with her son. Now, her son is in the custody of his father, Michelle’s ex-boyfriend, Frank. She’s making progress, though. She has a new boyfriend, Cory, a new job at Frankster’s Fun House, and a new friend, her coworker, Sarah.

Life starts to come apart, though, when police find Sarah’s car parked on the bridge separating the east and west sides of town, a span known informally as “Suicide Bridge.” Everyone thinks Sarah jumped to her death, distraught over her fractured relationship with her father. But then Michelle starts finding things that make her wonder if Cory had something to do with her friend’s vanishing act.

Michelle, naturally, wants to figure out what happened to Sarah but finds herself pulled deeper into the mystery than she ever imagined. To top things off, the cop investigating the case is none other than Michelle’s ex-boyfriend, Frank!

Suicide Bridge is a story that takes the reader on a series of unpredictable twists and turns. They all lead to an action-packed conclusion that finds Michelle square in the middle. It’s a gripping story, even if the resolution is too convenient to be perfectly believable. It’s difficult to say more without revealing too much. Suffice it to say that if you like thrillers, Suicide Bridge should be a satisfying read for you.

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Daniel Kowalski

Dan Kowalski

Daniel Kowalski is a novelist and screenwriter based in Virginia. In 2023 his novel ‘Suicide Bridge’ debuted which is going to be followed up with ‘Family Feud’. Several of his screenplays have been optioned by Hollywood production companies with two set to go into production in 2024.

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