Tato The Teleportato by Jason & Oscar Clayton – Book Review

Tato The Teleportato by Jason & Oscar Clayton – Book Review

Tato The Teleportato by Jason and Oscar Clayton

Tato The Teleportato

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Meet Tato, a spud unlike any other! This adventurous potato has discovered a secret power hidden within its starchy core, a unique ability to teleport. Whether it’s a moon base, the glades of Africa, or a vibrant Arabian Kingdom, Tato’s teleportation prowess knows no bounds.

With eyes wide Tato embarks on a whimsical journey that transcends the ordinary. Leaving behind the familiar confines of its potato patch, Tato dives headfirst into a world of diverse cultures, unexpected friendships, and endless possibilities. Join this plucky potato as it pops into new places, encountering the unknown with a dash of curiosity and a sprinkle of humor. Tato’s globetrotting adventures promise to leave you smiling.

Review by Stacey

Tato The Teleportato is a delightful children’s rhyming picture book collaborated by father and son, Jason and Oscar, aged 6, Clayton. Tato is a potato that can teleport around the world and beyond.

In this first book in a planned series, Tato visits the moon, the jungle, the desert, and many more places, though he is getting tired of travelling so much.

The story is good fun and I can see youngsters enjoying the adventures that Tato gets to go on. This would make a great educational asset and starting point for schools to ignite discussions with children about the possibilities of teleportation and the wonders of the world and to get their pupils to use their imaginations and dream where they would love to visit if they could teleport.

The illustrations are vibrant, full-page, and intricately detailed. I love the various expressions that Tato pulls. These show the reader the different emotions that Tato is feeling on his many journeys.

Overall, Tato The Teleportato is a book that is touching and engaging. It is a quick read at just 24 pages but the story’s richness and depth will leave a lasting impression. With more books to follow, this is a series that will just keep on giving.

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