The Book of Morfeo by Stefano Benni – Book Review

The Book of Morfeo by Stefano Benni – Book Review

The Book of Morfeo by Stefano Benni

The Book of Morfeo

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Morfeo is going to die. Or not.

Addicted to prescription drugs by careless doctors and aggressive drug companies, Morfeo is dancing on the edge of disaster. A confrontation with his son forces him to face his addiction and take the “road from which there is no return and no way forward.”

Aided by Bad Angels who have rebelled against God out of pity for humanity, he must run the gauntlet of the modern medical establishment and his own fears. For Morfeo, the only way out is through. If there is a way out.

Review by Jane

The Book of Morfeo is written by Italian Author Stefano Benni and is a literary satire based on the power of the pharmaceutical companies and their pursuit of profit by flooding the market with addictive products. I must say this is clearly very poignant at this time, as we all know prescription drugs are a big empire and I really enjoyed the ethos behind it.

I very much enjoyed Benni’s writing style which is quick and inventive and tells how Morfeo was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child by a medic who did not mince his words and placed more importance on the fact that Morfeo would have to take medicines daily for the rest of his life. However, because of the fast-paced nature of the writing style, I felt it was also a double-edged sword as I didn’t feel it allowed for an emotional connection with the character of Morfeo in order to grow and develop and therefore there were moments when I was just reading for the sake of it and not for the passion of the story. I particularly enjoyed hearing about Morfeo’s childhood but it is just not developed enough to give any real depth to any of the characters or their traits leaving me feeling a little lost.

I loved the dark fairytale idea of when bad angels come into our lives and how for Morfeo this was when he was just a child.

During some of the book, I could relate to the irony of a given situation however at times, I felt a little out of my depth and lost as to whether the book was portraying irony, or sarcasm or something completely different. However, the ending was more than satisfactory and all in all, I was glad I’d read it.

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Stefano Benni

Stefano Benni (born August 12, 1947 in Bologna) is an Italian satirical writer, poet and journalist. His books have been translated into around 20 foreign languages and scored notable commercial success. He sold 2,5 million copies of his books in Italy.

He has contributed to Panorama (Italian magazine), Linus (magazine), La Repubblica, il manifesto among others. In 1989 he directed the film Musica per vecchi animali.

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