The Dream Home by T.M. Logan – Book Review

The Dream Home by T.M. Logan – Book Review

The Dream Home by T.M. Logan

The Dream Home

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Adam and Jess move into a new house with their three young children: a rambling Victorian villa in a nice neighbourhood right at the very top of their price range. Before long Adam discovers a door hidden behind a fitted wardrobe, concealing a secret room . . .

Inside Adam discovers a collection of forgotten items: a wallet, an expensive watch and an old mobile phone. Jess thinks they should simply throw them away. But Adam resists. He is fascinated by these items and how they came to be inside the hidden room.

But like the house, Adam has his secrets too. And soon he will find himself setting in motion a series of events that will place his family in terrible danger . . .

Review by Stacey

The Dream Home is a suspenseful and psychological novel about married couple Adam and Jess and their three children who have just moved into a Victorian property in Nottingham. While moving boxes, Adam discovers that one of the rooms is smaller than it should be and that there is a hidden room that has been boarded up.

After opening the hidden door, he finds a musty room that contains an bureau, a chair, and not much else apart from some knick-knacks in the drawers, including a Rolex watch, a dog collar, a scarf, and an old mobile phone. Adam becomes fixated with the items and the room, and he and Jess call the only number stored in the phone.

What happens next is a creepy turn of events including hidden cameras, items going missing, and noises in the house. Adam was about to wish he had never found the room, let alone mess with the items within.

The Dream Home is filled with twists, turns, and secrets aplenty. Adam was a strange character the more I read of him the less I liked him but I was also intrigued by the items he found and the room and couldn’t wait to discover why they had been hidden.

I loved that we also got to read some short chapters from the person who knows all about the room. These added to the overall creepiness of the story and kept me engaged and wanting to know more.

Overall, this fast-paced novel kept me entertained from beginning to end. The house might have started as a dream purchase but by the end, it certainly turned out more of a nightmare.

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T.M. Logan

T.M. Logan

T.M. Logan’s thrillers have sold more than two million copies in the UK and are translated into 22 other languages for publication around the world. Tim’s brand new novel, THE DREAM HOME (published Feb 2024) follows Adam, Jess and their three children, who find the family home they’ve always dreamed of and move in full of plans for the future. But it’s not long before they start to discover their perfect new place is full of secrets, and stirring up the past can be a dangerous game . . .

A former national newspaper journalist, Tim lives in Nottinghamshire with his family and writes in the book-filled spare room of his house.

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