The Fatal Formula by Malcolm Havard – Book Review

The Fatal Formula by Malcolm Havard – Book Review

The Fatal Formula by Malcolm Havard

The Fatal Formula

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Aiden Hughes is a wanted man for a murder he didn’t commit and, of course, Manchester’s most ruthless gangster still wants him dead.

Fresh from his confrontation with The Honey Talker, Aiden seeks a new life and anonymity in Ireland, settling into a cosy existence with girlfriend Roisin. But then an old colleague, Suzie Regen, reaches out, desperate to get to the bottom of a new mystery.

Rumours of a chemist with a penchant for poison and contract killing draw Aiden back into the dark underbelly of Manchester to face this deadly new foe. But has he met his match? And can survive this fatal game?

Review by Stacey

The Fatal Formula is a gritty and dark thriller set mainly in Manchester, UK. It is the second book in The Aidan Hughes Series and the first in the series I have read. Whilst the plot was easy to follow and the backstory to the first book explained I must admit that reading the books in order is always best.

Aiden Hughes is an ex-reporter. From what I understand about the first book Aiden came across a good story and was paired up with another reporter, Suzie. They were then thrown into the crosshairs of Manchester’s toughest gangster, they watched as people died around them, and then Aiden was accused of murder and went on the run hiding in Ireland with his partner.

When a friend of Suzie’s gets too close to the truth about a case he is working on he is poisoned, Suzie knows it is related to her and Aiden’s past and so gives up Aiden’s hiding place hoping that he will reach out so that she can warn him, although she might have an ulterior motive up her sleeve.

The Fatal Formula had me hooked from the beginning. I honestly never saw some of the twists coming and the harsh and brutal world of the gangsters was enjoyable to read about. The plot was strong and well constructed and the pace was spot on, never lingering for long.

The book made me feel tense throughout, which is always a tell of a good thriller. Plus, I didn’t want to put it down once I had begun. Overall, a decent crime thriller set in the best city in the UK, Manchester (I may be biased though as it is my home town).

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Malcolm Havard

Malcolm Havard

Malcolm grew up in Sheffield, has lived and worked in Australia and the Middle-East but now lives in Cheshire, England. He is a prolific and award-winning author who writes both novels and short fiction. He has, in the past, worked in a variety of genres.

Despite the variety, all have a similar DNA containing strong, often flawed but believable characters and telling great stories. His current body of work include the mountaineering thriller, The Last Mountain, a 1950s Spy novel, Contrail and Touched, a haunting novel about love and loneliness.

He has now found a niche writing historical fiction usually with an aviation background but also writes historical crime fiction. His novel, The Honey Talker, set in 1990s Manchester was be published in 2022 and the sequel, The Fatal Formula in 2023.

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