The Girl Who Was Too Much And Not Enough by Lelina Durrette – Book Review

The Girl Who Was Too Much And Not Enough by Lelina Durrette – Book Review

The Girl Who Was Too Much And Not Enough by Lelina Durrette

The Girl Who Was Too Much And Not Enough

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This is the future that Kiera lives in. In a society where looks equal power, government control over diet and exercise is the norm and certain foods are banned, she struggles to fit in. She has to deal with the ridicule of her peers, an unsupportive mother and sister, and a system that seems stacked against her. With her eighteenth birthday fast approaching, she contemplates checking herself into the “Center”, where most people go to achieve physical perfection.

What she doesn’t expect is meeting Asa, a boy who likes her just the way she is, and who smuggles contraband for a living. When Asa introduces Kiera to an underground world she never dreamed existed, she must decide how badly she wants to conform to her world and where her loyalties lie.

Review by Stacey

Step into the dystopian future of 2125 where being slim, healthy, and looking good is everything. Food isn’t actually real food, it is made to look and taste like what we eat now, there is no junk food, and you have to stick to a restricted amount of calories every day.

Alongside healthy eating, there are weight-loss clinics where you sleep off the weight for a set length of time from 2-12 months and whilst you are asleep you can have surgery, etc to make you look better too. Meaning you could wake up looking like a completely different person.

Our protagonist is seventeen-year-old Kiera who hates all the restrictions. She is by no means overweight but in 2125’s society even a little bit of excess weight means that you are looked down upon and treated differently in society. Kiera loves her food and hates everything about the restrictions. However, with her eighteenth birthday fast approaching and friends attending the sleep clinics she is considering a stay for herself.

The Girl Who Was Too Much And Not Enough is an exciting roller-coaster of a YA book. I loved the characters, the believable dystopian world, and the young romance element. In one sense I was all for the sleep clinics, I mean who wouldn’t want to lose weight by sleeping it off, but in another who wants to be controlled by the government, eat fake food, and what is with the sleep clinics, are they above board?

The plot leaves you with a few unanswered questions, but given this is the first in a planned series I am expecting them to be answered in subsequent books. This is most certainly a page-turner, it is eye-opening and jaw-dropping and was a really good read the whole way through. I just hope the author hasn’t given the government some ideas!!

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Lelina Durrette

Lelina Durrette

Lelina Durrette was born in New York City and raised in Guinea, West Africa by globe-trotting parents. After pinballing around Europe as an accidental tourist in her teens via boarding school, she landed briefly in Virginia, where she earned a degree in Psychology and became a wife and mother.

After moving to Texas with her husband and children, she put her nomadic lifestyle behind her and settled into the role of carpool mom and caretaker. These days, she enjoys cooking gourmet meals in her postage-stamp-sized kitchen and exchanging witty banter with her cat, Ernestine. The Girl Who Was Too Much and Not Enough is her first Young Adult novel.

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