The Money Journal by Gemma Bird – Book Review

The Money Journal by Gemma Bird – Book Review

The Money Journal by Gemma Bird

The Money Journal

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If you are worried about ever-rising costs and expenses, then this is the journal for you!

Imagine knowing you have all your money problems sorted: budget, bills, Christmas, holidays, the baby fund – you have enough put aside to cover it all! The Money Journal goes beyond your typical budget planner. Instead, this journal dives deeper, helping you work out your money mindset and tackle your financial anxiety at its core. Discover bank-boosting tips and learn how to tailor your savings goals to your own lifestyle by formulating a personalised budget plan. With this practical handbook, you can also keep on top of your monthly spending, so you always stay on track. All it takes is a little bit of time every day to build your funds.

Let The Money Journal empower you to take back control of your bank balance and achieve your money goals.

Inside this journal you’ll find:
– A spender quiz to help you discover your money mindset
– A guide to setting your savings goals
– A checklist for getting out of debt
– A monthly to-do list to help you reach your targets
– Space for taking notes and reflecting on your progress

Review by Stacey

The Money Journal is a great companion of author and money saver Gemma Birds’ book on money-saving tips – Money Mum Official: Save Yourself Happy, which I reviewed last year.

Whilst the last book was filled to the brim with saving tips, this book is more hands-on. It is split into monthly sections, months one to twelve, but they are not named so you can start this journal at any point during the year. In each monthly section you will find:-

-A money-saving checklist
-A Monthly budget review for you to fill in
-Spend tracker to keep an eye on your outgoings
-Practical Advice
-Journal to dot your thoughts down on
-This month I have saved page.

Within the book, Gemma also gives some tips to help you save, including things such as having a non-spending day once a month.

The book has been created to help you take back control of your spending and to help you keep more of your money each month. I can’t say that there were many tips that I didn’t know but then I have been reading and watching Martin Lewis for years so I’m pretty well-versed in saving money. For those who are just becoming adults and realising that there are a lot of outgoings you need to spend your hard-earned cash on, or for those who have never looked into saving money before but need to now, this journal along with Gemma Birds’ other book would be a good place to start.

Overall, The Money Journal is set out well. Easy to complete and could just save you some money. What’s not to like?

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Gemma Bird


Gemma Bird AKA Money Mum is a hard-working mother of two from Essex. After years of working multiple jobs at once, from picking mushrooms to working as an estate agent, Gemma never earned more than £25k a year and yet managed to pay off her £225k mortgage. To achieve this, Gemma had to come up with some careful and creative methods of saving every penny and consequently the thought occurred to her that others may be interested in this too.

Gemma then launched @moneymumofficial on Instagram to help others save cash. She now regularly shares money-saving tips and promotes her ‘No Spend Day’ and ‘Make Money Day’ to her loyal followers. As her platform has continued to grow, she has partnered with numerous notable brands like Amazon, Pampers, Tesco’s and McDonalds. Gemma’s first book Money Mum Official: Save Yourself Happy published in January 2022 and became a bestseller.

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