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Georgia Rose

Today we welcome back author Georgia Rose to Whispering Stories Blog to catch up on what she has been doing since our interview with her back in September 2015 on ‘The Writing Life of: Georgia Rose‘. This post contains affiliate links.

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Georgia Rose is a writer and the author of the romantic and suspenseful Grayson Trilogy books: A Single Step, Before the Dawn and Thicker than Water. Following completion of the trilogy she was asked for more and so wrote a short story, The Joker, which is based on a favourite character from the series and the eBook is available to download for free at the retailer of your choice.

Her fourth novel, Parallel Lies, encompasses crime along with Georgia’s usual blending of genre and its sequel, Loving Vengeance, has now completed The Ross Duology.

Georgia’s background in countryside living, riding, instructing and working with horses has provided the knowledge needed for some of her storylines; the others are a product of her passion for people watching and her overactive imagination.

Following a long stint working in the law Georgia Rose set up her own business providing administration services for other companies which she does to this day managing to entwine that work along with her writing.

Her busy life is set in a tranquil part of rural Cambridgeshire in the UK where she lives with her much neglected husband and dog.

The Next Chapter

Welcome back to Whispering Stories Blog, lovely to be featuring you again. We last met you back in September 2015 when we spoke to you about your writing life and your latest book at the time ‘Thicker Than Water’. Since that date I believe you have written and published another two full length novels and one (free to download everywhere!) short story.

1) How has life changed since we last met you?

I think the biggest changes have been to do with family as I no longer have a child in education. My son graduated from university very recently and is going into the RAF shortly. And in the last few weeks my daughter and son-in-law have made me a grandmother which is very exciting (now all the stressful part is over!) and my grandson, Oliver, is an absolute delight.

2) Has your writing style changed since we last interviewed you?

Yes, I think so. In my first book particularly I was trying too hard to be ‘a writer’ and consequently was much too descriptive, in my opinion. I’m saying this as if it’s a criticism because many readers absolutely love it however I know others find it slows the read which just goes to show you can’t please everyone!

Now, I’m more succinct and improving at editing out unnecessary words.

3) Have you allowed yourself to be influenced by your readers’ opinions of your characters?

No. Among my reviews you can find strong opinions on some of my characters with readers either passionately loving or despising the same person – again, you can’t please everyone and I’m just delighted my characters inspire such intense feelings. It would be terrible for them to slip by unnoticed, wouldn’t it? Anyway, no, I write the characters I want to write and the readers can make of them what they will.

4) Have you found writing gets easier or harder the more books you write?

Harder, much harder. I find it really difficult to fit in writing time. I’d like to write in big blocks of time but that has never been possible and I find it hard to get going when given a small window of opportunity. It’s far too easy to say – ah, it’s barely worth opening up my document for that length of time… so I don’t when I really should.

I end up having to set a deadline to complete a draft then force myself to get on with it as a priority and end up wondering if actually all I’m doing is sucking the joy out of the creative process… it’s all a bit of a balancing act.

5) Is there a difference in the way you feel about your books the more you publish? As in do you still feel the same level of excitement?

No, I don’t think I do feel the same level of excitement. Actually I try to manage this now by not getting excited and deliberately lowering my expectations. A couple of years ago I was hit badly after publishing and plunged somewhere I have no wish to return to so I’m being very careful this time around, and trying to be kind to myself.

6) If you could live within the pages of any of the books created by you, which would you choose?

Oh easy. Emma’s cottage on the Melton Estate in The Grayson Trilogy! What a joy that would be. I actually created the setting to be exactly where and how I’d like to live and so many of my readers have told me how much they’d love to live there too it could be quite crowded!


Concerning your latest book:

Loving Vengeance Final eBook cover georgia rose

Loving Vengeance
The Ross Duology Book Two

Author – Georgia Rose
Publisher – Three Shires Publishing
Pages – 336
Release Date – 10th Octber 2019
ISBN 13 – 978-1916466920
Format – ebook, paperback

Synopsis The Next Chapter

A woman with a troubled past. A new love hanging in the balance. Will an unexpected visitor strengthen her resolve or destroy the life she’s trying to build?

Madeleine’s world, once so organised, is a mess. Suffering the fallout from the mistakes she made with Tag, she has no idea where she stands with Daniel. Are they only friends or is there still a chance for something more?

Enter James – cool, calm and calculated. A stranger, she thinks. But he knows her, and he comes with an opportunity she can’t refuse, involving an enemy she’d tried to forget. At first keen to return to her past, Madeleine soon realises it’s not only the gang that’s changed, and battles her own demons as well as an unpredictable villain.

Can Daniel step up when he’s needed? Or will it be James who rides in to the rescue? Because when things go badly for Madeleine, and all hope seems lost, there is only one who can save the day. And only one who can bring more to the task than merely himself.

Loving Vengeance is the second book in this fast-paced duology. If you like strong heroines, character-driven action and powerful emotions, then you’ll love Georgia Rose’s exciting novel. buy link


7) How long did it take you to write this book?

Two years. Compared to many writers nowadays this is incredibly slow but it’s all I can manage around everything else so it is what it is.

8) Can you tell us a little about your new book?

This is an unexpected sequel so unlike the Grayson Trilogy where I left some things to come back to at a later date I hadn’t left little threads in Parallel Lies that I could neatly tie into the ongoing story. However, I’m quite pleased with how I managed to create a few links to bring it all together.

It is a tale of people finding they are stronger, or weaker, than they ever expected to be, and others who should know better doing wrong.

9) Can you tell us anything you edited out of your book?

Ah, yes. I had one of my characters wrong, completely. So I took out the good guy and replaced him with something of a sleaze and it works much, much better.

10) Are you still going through the same publishing methods?

Yes. I’m an independent author and proudly so. I like being able to write what I want to write and be in control of the publishing process. I think I’m getting better at launching my books the more I do it. However, I’ve done audio books for Parallel Lies and Loving Vengeance (coming soon!), so that’s new.

11) Can you remember seeing your book for the first time in the bookstore, supermarket, online?

Oh yes! What a joy that was. I also remember the first paperback proof arriving for A Single Step. I couldn’t believe that my book was actually in my hand and looked like a real book (I’m not sure what I was expecting and had imagined something arriving in a ring-binder!) I was so excited but was on my own at home so I rushed round to my neighbour’s house and remember waving it in her face like some sort of mad woman.

12) What next for you in your writing career?

More writing, I guess. I am part way through a novella and am contemplating a longer series but need to put a lot of thought into that before I start.

Reviewers’ Questions

Reviewers Questions The next chapter

1) Question from Ellwyn – What has been your most rewarding experience since publishing your work?

Finding readers who want to read my work. I never imagined I would but when they tell me they are ‘eagerly anticipating’ my next book, or reading the previous one in readiness for the upcoming release, that, I find amazing.

2) Question from Cara – Who was your favourite author growing up?

Enid Blyton when I was very young, then, and I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this, but I read The Fog by James Herbert when I was about 12 and was then obsessed with reading all of his books for a while, then it was Wilbur Smith, Jackie Collins, Sidney Sheldon… the list is endless, but basically any book I could get my hands on!

3) Question from Kerstin – Do you use a special writing programme?

Nope, just Word. I did have a play with Scrivener earlier this year but I’ve reverted to Word as I know what I’m doing with that.

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  1. Love this interview. It’s a great idea to revisit authors to see how they have changed and what they have achieved in the intervening period.

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    I think it all depends on the book, as to whether there is too much description or not. New-to-me author, here 🙂 Great interview!

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    Thanks for inviting me back on your blog, Stacey, I really appreciate the support and loved the questions. 😀

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    Thanks, Nicole. Like I said, I learnt that lesson the hard way and this time, with the launch of Loving Vengeance, I had no expectations at all and it has been a much more pleasant experience 😀 If you do check it out I hope you like it. 😀

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