The Time Travellers by Sufiya Ahmed – Book Review

The Time Travellers by Sufiya Ahmed – Book Review

Time Travellers by Sufiya Ahmed

The Time Travellers
Adventure Calling

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When adventure calls – the Time Travellers answer.

Suhana, Mia and Ayaan are thrown together on a trip to Parliament, where they are fascinated by all the history that happened there. Little do they suspect that they’ll be LIVING that history when they are transported back to 1911! Finding themselves in the middle of a women’s suffrage demonstration, they are amazed to see people from all over the world taking part. Suhana wants to explore but Mia and Ayaan are anxious to get back. Then they lose each other… Will they be able to return to the present without changing the course of history forever?

Join our time travellers as they visit amazing places across the world and throughout history, meeting historical legends and learning more about themselves.

Review by Stacey

The Time Travellers is an engaging children’s middle-grade story that seamlessly blends elements of adventure and historical education. Set against the backdrop of both present-day and 1911, the story follows the journey of students Suhana, Mia, and Ayaan, who find themselves unexpectedly transported back in time to June 1911 during a visit to The Houses of Parliament, where the Suffragettes are marching for votes for women.

The story is good fun, action-packed, and intriguing. The plot is very informative and readers will learn plenty about the suffragettes and suffragists – A group I’d never heard of before. I always love a book that entertainingly educates me.

The Time Travellers will suck you in and have you rooting for the three children, especially Suhana who is having a hard time with her head teacher and his behaviour towards her. It is nice to see that there will be more books to follow in this new middle-grade series and I can’t wait to see where the children will end up next.

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Sufiya Ahmed


Sufiya Ahmed was born in India and arrived in the UK as a baby. She lived in Bolton, Lancashire, before moving to London where she still lives. Sufiya has worked in advertising and in the House of Commons, but is now a full-time author.

In 2010 Sufiya set up the BIBI Foundation, a non-profit organisation, to arrange visits to the Houses of Parliament for diverse and underprivileged school children.

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