How do you make a Monster Cake? by Stef Rzysko – Book Review

How do you make a Monster Cake? by Stef Rzysko – Book Review

How do you make a monster cake by stef rzysko

How do you Make a Monster Cake?
Laugh and Learn Book One

Author – Stef Rzysko
Pages – 15
Release Date – 4th August 2017
Format – ebook
Reviewer – Stacey
I received a free copy of this book
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New Synopsis How do you Make a Monster Cake

Collect a whole lot of yucky ingredients, count them into the pot, meet some funny monsters along the way and come out with a perfect MONSTER CAKE!!

The laugh and learn series of books are aimed at children who are learning their numbers and counting for the first time.

The pages are funny and sometimes even comically gruesome and use a simple rhyming scheme. This combination keeps the process of learning numbers fun, and leaves the child wanting to read the books again and again!

New Review

How do you make a Monster Cake? Well with a lot of disgusting, smelly ingredients, that’s how.

Stef Rzysko has created a fun, imaginative, early children’s counting book, in which Monster will show you how he makes a cake, in 10 easy steps.

Each page represents a different number, from one to ten. The full-page illustrations are creatively drawn by the author, and are rich in detail too. They are a little creepy looking (not scary), but this is a monster book, so they work perfectly.

The text on each page is short, which is great for those little ones with a short attention span. There is also just the right amount of text for new readers, and those just learning.

Not only does this book have a great plot, and fantastic pictures, it also rhymes too. Kids love a rhyming book. They also remember more information when it is told in a rhyme.

I feel that How do you Make a Monster Cake? will be a real hit with little children. It is engaging, and will help those that don’t already know how to count remember their numbers in a fun and humorous manner. Would be perfect for a class read, or as a bedtime story.

Book reviewed by Stacey

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New About the Author

Stef Rzysko How do you Make a Monster Cake

Everyone has to start somewhere, and I started right here January 2016.

After getting my degree in Illustration, I did what a lot of ‘Arty’ types do when they leave University and proceeded to meander my way through the next 15 years of my eventful life trying my hand at numerous jobs, as well as travelling and living abroad.

Well, after working as a Diamond Technician, as a Toy Tester, as a Medical Engineer, an Art Teacher in New Zealand, an Avocado Packer, a member of Royal Security, (I could go on and on) I finally awoke from the happy whirlwind I had been riding!

I found myself living back in the UK, with my beautiful wife Heidi and my two perfect little girls Connie and Bettie, wandering what I should do with my life.

‘In order to be happy you must finally do a job that makes you happy,’ I kept saying, ‘in order to support the ones you love financially, you must do what you’re best at’ I kept thinking……

……..Only one answer presented itself to me. I had always dreamed of writing and Illustrating my own Children’s Books. So, here I am, biting the bullet, waving ‘goodbye’ to procrastination, realising the dream!

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