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Vikas G. Gupta

This week I am thrilled to be interviewing author Vikas G. Gupta, who will be sharing with us details of his writing life, telling us all about his book ‘On Duty‘, which was released on 27th September 2018, and answering a few fun questions. This post contains affiliate links.

Vikas G. Gupta

Vikas G. Gupta was born in Moradabad, UP, India. He has written for many television shows and penned down many advertising campaigns. On duty was his first novel.

Vikas is notorious among his colleagues and readers for always being surprised by twist endings to his books and for neatly weaving fiction, philosophy, and psychology into his books. When not writing, Vikas enjoys exploring outdoors, reading, watching movies, spending time with Nature and his pets. He believes that words can change the world, and he uses them to inspire, and empower young people through his writings.

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1) Did you enjoy writing when you were a child?

It started very early in my childhood when I was in standard 4. The interest started engraving in me since then and the process still continues.

2) Which author shaped your childhood?

There were many but to name a few Bram Stoker, Henri Charriere, Sidney Sheldon, Ayn Rand.

3) What motivated you to begin your first novel?

I have been into television and newspaper writing, that also happened by chance. I never intended to be a writer. One day I got an assignment of writing and since then it has become my life. And writing for television and newspaper has its limits while writing a novel does not have any boundaries. Though it has many other challenges. And that enticed me. I want to tell the world the story in the way I wanted. That’s when I decided to write a novel.

4) Do you plot your book, or are you a pantser?

I am a panster.

5) What is your average writing day?

It is something not decided by me. It’s the story and the characters, who decides how much and when to write.

Where Vikas G. Gupta Writes

Where Vikas G. Gupta Writes

6) What is the best thing about being an author?

Among other benefits, the best I think is that you never be alone and never be with unwanted company. The feeling of writing and finishing the novel is amazing. It makes you feel out of the world literally.

On Duty by Vikas G. Gupta

On Duty
Story of a Munificent and Numinous Pilot

Author – Vikas G. Gupta
Publisher – Partridge Publishing India
Pages – 375
Release Date – 27th September 2018
ISBN 13 – 978-1543703931
Format – ebook, Paperback, Hardcover


When a plane carrying many hopes, dreams, love, hate, and greed diverts from its route and crashes into the snow-capped mountains of Antarctica, most of its passengers die. As the crash’s few survivors attempt to endure the cold and uninhabited environment, they find their only ray of hope in their pilot, Captain Rahul. But after he leads the survivors to a safe place to receive help, he suddenly disappears.

Now Captain Rahul appears guilty of a crime. Sara, a passenger on the flight who loves him, fights for his dignity, but it is only Captain Rahul who can prove his innocence. But where is he? As a trial ensues, a shocking surprise occurs on the day of the final verdict when the captain arrives to unveil the mystery of the disappearance with the help of an energetic young reporter, Kiren Bakshi. As the world is left shocked and Sara broken, once again nature proves that it has no barrier and that everything depends on human will.

In this tale of yearning, love, and an unrivaled will, a pilot leads survivors of a plane crash to safety and then disappears, leaving the world to contemplate complex questions about life, death, and duty.

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7) How did you go about researching the content for your book?

Mostly from google and the rest from the concerned people.

8) How long did it take to go from the ideas stage to writing the last word?

It took me 3 years.

9) What made you choose the genre you write in?

My subconscious.

10) How did you come up with the name(s) for your lead character(s)?

I didn’t plan anything.

11) Can you give us an insight into your characters?

My character belongs to this world. The world; what it is and what it should be.

12) How did you feel when you had completed your book?

The feeling was fabulous, marvellous astounding and astonishing. The feeling was like giving birth. The joy and satisfaction is like entering into heaven; alive.

Fun Questions

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1) Do you have a favourite quote?

Love what you do, do what you love.

2) Do you have any pets?

Yes. I love animals. Their names Elda, Myra, Gabi Lucy. List is too long.

Vikas with dog

3) What are you currently reading?

Gurdeiff, Gabriel, P G Wodehouse and Stephen King.

4) Your book has been made into a movie, you’ve been offered a cameo role, what will you be doing?

I would love to play the protagonist.

5) If you could travel to a fictional world from any book for the day, which would you choose?

Papillon and Exodus

6) There’s a penguin sitting in your chair, what’s the first thing he says to you?

‘Come on finish it, the world is waiting.’

A big thank you to Vikas G. Gupta for sharing his writing life with us and a wonderful interview.

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