Tiger and Tim’s African Jungle Adventure! by Tim Hague – Book Review

Tiger and Tim’s African Jungle Adventure! by Tim Hague – Book Review

Tiger and Tims African Jungle Adventure by Tim Hague

Tiger and Tim’s African Jungle Adventure!

Author – Tim Hague
Pages – 30
Released – 26th January 2021
ISBN-13 – 979-8700063791
Format – ebook, paperback
Rating – 4 Stars
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Join Tiger and Tim in this fun adventure like no other!

In this jungle book for kids, Tiger and Tim search the African wilderness for an animal that looks just like Tiger. Will it be a lion, a hippo, a giraffe, or something else?

In Tiger and Tim’s African Jungle Adventure book readers will:

learn about finding and embracing one’s unique self.
learn about the different animals living in the wild and other interesting facts about the jungle.
learn about the spirit of friendship and love.

This jungle book is intended for toddlers and older kids and is part of the Tiger and Tim books for kids series. Look out for more Tiger and Tim books coming soon.

Review by Stacey

One morning bored Tiger decides he wants to try and find other animals that look just like him, so he packs his bag, grabs his passport, and flies off to Africa, leaving his friend Tim a plane ticket to join him.

When Tim arrives in Africa he doesn’t have the heart to tell Tiger that there are no animals like him there as tigers live in the jungles of Asia. They do however come across lots of different animals that have their home in Africa such as lions, giraffes, hippos, and even zebras, which Tiger thinks looks like him with their stripes, fur, and four legs.

Tiger and Tim’s African Jungle Adventure! is the first book in a new series featuring a friendly young Tiger and his human friend Tim. The book is adventurous and educational too, in a fun way. It has bright, colourful cartoon illustrations that make the story come alive.

The text is kept to a minimum which is perfect for new readers, whilst the plot is exciting and features lots of animals and we all know that children love books featuring animals.

Alongside the book author, Tim Hague has created a website for children which includes videos of Tiger and Tim’s adventures, as well as fun facts and activities that they can do at home.

My advice for parents/guardians is to purchase the book in paperback if you only have a normal Kindle (such a paperwhite) as they don’t show the colourful illustrations and the text is quite dark and hard to read, lessening the enjoyment of what is an exciting and fun read.

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Author Info

Tim Hague Tiger and Tims African Jungle Adventure

Tiger and Tim is more than just a kids show. It aims to bring joy and education to our “Tiger Cubs” all over the world and laughter to adults.

For us, education is best when it doesn’t feel like education. Through our videos, books, social media, blogs and learning materials, we promise to cultivate: cultural awareness, curiosity, creativity, compassion and most importantly, close the very wide literacy gap that exists around the world.

Former BBC Host and Presenter Tim Hague is Tiger and Tim’s founder. He met Tiger in the jungle, they became best friends and the show was born. Tiger is the only tiger in the world who can’t roar, because like all Tiger Cubs out there, he is special and unique.

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