Ways to Improve Bailey by Cori Cooper – Book Review

Ways to Improve Bailey by Cori Cooper – Book Review

Ways to Improve Bailey by Cori Cooper

Ways to Improve Bailey

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Bailey has just about had it with her brother and his stupid list of ways she needs to improve, especially when that list is the reason she’s stuck going on a date with the weirdest guy at the Froyo shop: Tanner. But the date—and the guy, for that matter—turn out to be very different than Bailey expected. As Bailey and Tanner spend more time together and get to know each other better, Bailey is forced to face all those imperfections she’s been ignoring for years. There’s no doubt she has what it takes to get over herself.

The question is, will she do it?

Review by Selina

Having read the blurb, I felt ‘Ways to Improve Bailey’ was a perfect match for my taste in books. I was not wrong.

Meet Bailey, full of sass and energy. However, her big brother Dayton seems to think she needs to step up and writes her a list of things she could do to improve her life, including dating.

Bailey usually only ever accepts dates for the food, so when Tanner (love the name), who is the ‘weird’ customer at the Froyo shop Bailey works at, asks her on a date she keeps putting him off. However, giving in to her brother’s list she eventually agrees to a date with Tanner and discovers that she actually enjoys it and she may just have to get past the ‘food’ only dates she has had in the past.

We get to follow their journey with some twists and turns added in for good measure. But, in the end, will Bailey follow her Brother’s useful advice, or will she decide to keep things the way she wants to live them?

Ways to Improve Bailey is a real page-turner and will certainly leave you smiling throughout and routing for the main Characters. It had plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and was such a joy to read. The perfect YA Rom-Com.

The story kept me entertained from beginning to end and the ending was certainly well panned out. I am now looking forward to reading more from Cori Cooper in the future.

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Cori Cooper


Cori Cooper lives in the magical Arizona Mountains, which she’s pretty convinced is the setting for all the fairy tales.

Besides writing stories and daydreaming about ridiculously poofy dresses with sparkly glass slippers, she adores hanging out with her family, playing board games as long as she doesn’t have to read the instructions, watching Jane Austen remakes unless they are too modern, baking without recipes which means frequent kitchen fails and collecting fuzzy knees socks that don’t match.

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