Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou by Bridget Burton – Book Review

Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou by Bridget Burton – Book Review

Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou by Bridget Burton

Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou: Kauai’s Beloved Pup

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Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou: Kauai’s Beloved Pup is a beautifully illustrated children’s sing-along book featuring the island adventures of English Springer Spaniel Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou—named in part after the famous Hawaiian queen and a word often associated with the sea and the sky. Annie’s island activities are as boundless as her energy—from ziplining, to sailing, golfing, surfing—even dancing at a luau with a Shih Tzu! The accompanying Hawaiian steel guitar and ukulele music features Bridget as vocalist in each of the 10 verses. You can listen to the music online or download to your own device to play while you read at or scan the code inside your book. As a bonus, the music is offered both with and without page-turning prompts.

Parents and grandparents should know that this is an excellent selection for toddlers and early readers. It’s been shown that kids learn to read faster when words are set to music. Plus, with the Hawaiian island of Kauai as the backdrop for Annie’s adventures, children get to virtually explore the island making it a great choice for kids who’ve traveled (or will travel) with their families to Kauai. And it’s a pup! Kids love dogs and puppies… and kids love Annie!

In addition to the print and eBook versions, there is a video cartoon version available with animated text and Annie moving around on a designed map of the island marking her travels and adventures. This video cartoon is available here and on the website at

Review by Stacey

Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou by Bridget Burton is a children’s rhyming sing-along book featuring a loveable pup who is taking part in various activities and gives inspiration to their young readers. You can either purchase the CD version or go to the author’s website (link below) and the versions are there to listen to for free.

The story is filled with many repetitive lines so that children can foster early literacy skills. The illustrations are pastel/crayon drawn, colourful, and simply adorable and give an added extra to this delightful story.

Whether children prefer to read along, listen to the narration, or indulge in a combination of both, this book promises engaging entertainment. It reminds me of the read-along books I had as a child but this one is more fun being a sing-along.

Overall, Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou is a beautiful, fun tale and one that is sure to captivate the hearts of young readers. The tune to the song is very addictive so be prepared to be humming it all day long.

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Bridget Burton


Bridget Burton is a published author, business consultant and soft jazz recording artist who was inspired to write this this sing-along book from the perspective of her energetic and mischievous real English Springer Spaniel, Annie. She was captivated by the islands of Kauai and Maui while on vacation there. Bridget lives in La Jolla, California with her husband Roy & Annie’s successors, Scarlett Rose and Maverick.

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