Batpig: Go Pig or Go Home by Rob Harrell – Book Review

Batpig: Go Pig or Go Home by Rob Harrell – Book Review

Batpig Go Pig or Go Home by Rob Harrell

Batpig: Go Pig or Go Home

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Superswines, assemble!

Gary Yorkshire and his friends, Carl the fish and Brooklyn the bat, are facing what might be their piggest mission yet: magical sharks – and summer camp! First there’s the sudden appearance of Sharkraham Lincoln (half shark! half president!), who sets off a major test cheating scandal. And then, at the worryingly named Camp Whomp-a-Pig, Gary’s hoping to finally get a break from superhero-ing, but a grumpy lake monster isn’t letting this sleeping pig lie.

Will Batpig ever catch a break to just relax and enjoy a tasty sandwich, and not have to save the world?

The third book in a brilliantly funny and skilfully rendered commercial young graphic novel series, with two separate stories in each book.

Review by Stacey

Batpig: Go Pig or Go Home is the third book in a comic book/graphic novel children’s series featuring Superhero pig, Gary Yorkshire and his classmates. Book two contained three stories, this book there were just two, ‘Careful What You Wish for’ and ‘Camp Danger’.

Both stories are highly amusing. The graphic illustrations are truly spectacular and are what makes the book so hilarious. Every child who loves a good giggle should read Batpig, especially given amidst all the crazy and daft scenes are moments that will educate and teach children about friendship and being there for one another.

Overall, Batpig: Go Pig or Go Home is a wonderful, adventurous, and exciting book that is quick to read yet packs a punch. It can be read as a standalone so you don’t have to have read the other two books, however, I always think reading books in order is better and with this series, you will get to chuckle your way through three books and I’m sure there are many more to come too.

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Rob Harrell is an author and illustrator based in Indiana, USA. He has previously published many books for young readers, including the hit illustrated novel series Life of Zarf and middle grade novel WINK, which received huge praise across the US and UK, including a starred review from the New York Times and a best book of the year by both TIME Magazine and the New York Public Library.

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