Biding My Time by Martyn Goodger – Book Promo & Extract

Biding My Time by Martyn Goodger – Book Promo & Extract

AD – Today on the blog we welcome author Martyn Goodger, with the Promotional Post for his new book ‘Biding My Time‘, which was released on 5th December 2022. Check out the book below and read an extract.

Biding my Time by Martyn Goodger

Biding My Time

Author – Martyn Goodger
Pages – 300
Release Date – 5th December 2022
ISBN 13 – 979-8365143449
Format – ebook, paperback


A story of jealousy and obsession.

Alan is a first-rate lawyer. Or so he likes to think. But he finds it hard to make friends. Or to keep girlfriends. And his Cambridge law firm seems to be looking for reasons not to promote him to the partnership.

Alan’s troubles worsen when one of the firm’s most popular lawyers is found dead at the foot of a multi-storey car park. Was it really suicide, and are people right to blame Alan? Or is there another, more disturbing explanation for the death? Alan tries to find out the truth, but it quickly becomes clear that he is risking not only his career but possibly also his life.

What Reviewers’ are Saying

The humdrum life of a straight-laced lawyer becomes an exciting one-man criminal investigation – 4 Stars

The plot was compelling … the book was very hard to put down. The tennis bits made me laugh … – 5 Stars

A cleverly crafted plot which builds genuine suspense and keeps the reader guessing – 5 Stars

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Extract – Chapter 6 – Alan makes a fateful decision in the small hours

After Helen had started going out with Jeff, I had asked her once if it was serious with him. She had seemed amused. ‘Not particularly,’ she had said, without elaborating further. I hadn’t dared to follow up by asking her if she was with him just for the sex, but the thought had of course been there. I had tried very hard to make our sex life enjoyable, buying a book on how to improve one’s sex life, and trying something new every time I spent the night with her; but I had never been entirely sure how successful this was, and I had never asked.

In the end I realised that I wasn’t going to get back to sleep that night. It was now 4.30 a.m. I had to know what was going on in Helen’s life …

I got up, threw on the first clothes I could find, and went out to my car. The night had been cold, but not cold enough for the windscreen to ice over.

At this time of the morning the roads were almost empty. There was a thin drizzle falling out of the darkness, so everything glittered in the streetlights and in the headlights of my car. I was in the centre of Cambridge in less than ten minutes, going past the Botanical Gardens on the right and then turning right at the roundabout onto Lensfield Road …

Very soon I was turning off Mill Road, first in one direction, then the other, and finally onto the road that led to Helen’s house. It was a tiny two-up two-down terraced house that would have been worth less than my annual salary if transported to a Coronation Street-style road in north Manchester. But because this was central Cambridge, the house was probably worth ten times as much …

It was never easy to navigate the maze of narrow roads around Helen’s house, and although mine was the only moving car both sides of the roads were crammed with parked vehicles. I drove carefully, because the last thing I wanted was to clip someone’s wing mirror and have to make the split-second decision whether to put my foot down and drive on, or to leave my name and address under their windscreen wiper.

Helen’s black VW Golf was parked in its usual space outside her front door, underneath a street light. On the occasions I had spent the night at her house she had lent me a visitor’s parking permit so I could park my car right behind hers. So now I was dreading, but expecting, to see Jeff’s metallic red Audi A7 Sportback parked in what had used to be my place – just the sort of phallic car, I had often thought, that a specimen like him would drive.

But instead of Jeff’s car, I saw a large blue Toyota Land Cruiser with a personalised number plate that I knew very well.

I just managed to avoid swerving into one of the cars parked on the other side of the road as I slowed right down and stared in horrified disbelief.

What the fuck was Sam Snape doing parking outside Helen’s house overnight?

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Author Info

Martyn Goodger

Martyn is a former solicitor. He spent many years in private practice at a large law firm in Cambridge. He has also worked as an
in-house solicitor at two universities, taught postgraduate law on the Legal Practice Course, and owned his own company providing legal consultancy services.

Before law, he was a dealer in second-hand books and a freelance writer. He lives and works (no longer in law) in Ely, Cambridgeshire, with his wife and young son. He is currently working on a sequel to ‘Biding My Time’.

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