Blobfish by Olaf Falafel – Book Review

Blobfish by Olaf Falafel – Book Review

Blobfish by Olaf Falafel


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A heartfelt and humorous adventure from the bottom of the sea and beyond, following one fish on an epic journey.

Deep, deep, deep under the sea … lives Blobfish! Blobfish loves telling jokes, although he has no one to share them with, so he sets off on an adventure to find a friend. But sometimes friends turn up in the most unexpected places, even at the bottom of the ocean. This heartfelt and humorous story gently introduces children to themes of friendship, belonging and the issue of plastics in our oceans.

Review by Stacey

Blobfish is a young children’s picture book featuring as you may have guessed a Blogfish. Blobfish is lonely. All the other sea creatures have friends but he has no one to tell his jokes to and have fun with, that is until he thinks he has found a friend but it isn’t a fish it is a plastic bag and one that will leave him stuck at the bottom of the sea. What will Blobfish do?

The story is both amusing and a little sad, not in a cry-your-eyes-out way but in the knowledge that people are still putting plastic in the waters kind of sad and seeing what it does to the creatures who live in the seas/oceans.

The book has amazing full-page illustrations that are bright and colourful and you get to see all the different emotions that Blogfish has, plus you can share his jokes too.

Overall, this is a lovely, quick, fun, educational book that I can see children loving.

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Olaf Falafel


Hi I’m Olaf and I’m an author, an illustrator, a dad and a stand up comedian – my real name is Derek Chickpeas.

I’m the current holder of ‘The Funniest Joke of The Edinburgh Fringe’ and I’ve created and performed several stupidly named comedy shows including ‘Olaf Falafel and The Cheese Of Truth’, ‘There’s no i in idiot’ and ‘The Marmosets Of My Mind’.

As well as trying to make people laugh on stage, I draw a lot and try to come up with funny ideas for kid’s books. You might have seen my ‘Heard A Parp’ books or maybe ‘It’s One Giant Leek For Mankind’, a very silly tribute to the 1969 moon landing.

As well as entertaining (and sort of educating) children of all ages online, in 2019 I got to spread silliness in person by visiting 100 schools in 100 days and when I was done I put my feet up and had a cup of tea.

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