A Chosen War by Carly Eldridge – Cover Reveal

A Chosen War by Carly Eldridge – Cover Reveal

A Chosen War by Carly Eldridge

A Chosen War

Author – Carly Eldridge
Publisher – REUTS Publications
Release Date – 25th April 2017

New Synopsis

A Chosen War is a New Adult Fantasy in which Mother Earth, one of the six key guardians charged with protecting the Earth, has gone rogue.

She is determined to conquer the universe and eliminate the one thing standing in her way: seventeen-year-old Maia. But Maia isn’t aware she’s been assigned to fill those shoes until the animals begin to talk to her.

Now, pulled into a war against her will, she must choose—sacrifice her humanity and save the Earth, or walk away and give up her destiny as the new Earth guardian.


New About the Author

Carly Eldridge

Carly Eldridge is a fantasy writer who calls New York City home; where the vitality of the metropolis, with its rich history and culture, provides an unending source of inspiration. She can often be found exploring the city, in awe of its always surprising display of art, beauty, and raw American grit.

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