Deeper Realms by Ian Roberts – Cover Reveal

Deeper Realms by Ian Roberts – Cover Reveal

Today we welcome author Ian Roberts with the cover reveal for his upcoming new book ‘Deeper Realms‘. It will be released on 4th December 2018. This post contains affiliate links.

Deeper Realms by Ian Roberts

Deeper Realms
Volume 1 Chronological Edition

Author – Ian Roberts
Pages – 455
Release Date – 4th December 2018
ISBN 13 – 978-1731325419
Format – paperback

New Synopsis

“She felt her mind drawn back through deeper darkness – through the rush and pull of a different blackness, to the sights and sounds of places so incredible she could barely believe she had seen them.”

From across the globe come tales of strange creatures and phenomena which science is hard pressed to explain, but when the mysterious Ravenna Friere walks into Dr Eve Wells’ life, the anxious young palaeontologist finds herself drawn into a world of terrifying answers.

From the frigid shores of Loch Ness, to the blazing deserts of Egypt, Ravenna leads Eve and fellow time traveller, curator Polly Nightingale, on the trail of troubling anomalies which threaten the very fabric of reality. Alone on the Cornish moors, Eve comes face to face with a fabled creature set loose from the depths of the past, while in Cold War Britain, the emergence of a long dead virus presages events which leave Eve and Ravenna fighting for their lives in a valley renowned for miracles – their incredible secret hanging in the balance.

Drawing together four of Dr Eve Wells’ most notable adventures – plus a preview of the forthcoming novel Dinosaur Girl – this single volume provides an exciting window into Ian Roberts’ eclectic time travelling world.


Self-published on Amazon; paperback format. The novel is a compilation of my four ‘Deeper Realms’ series novellas (published in both e-book and paperback format via Amazon and available on Kindle and via plus two new stories which craft the four separate books into one continuous work.

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New About the Author

The elusive Ian Roberts is a writer, historian and former tutor of medieval history who has been making-up implausible adventures for as long as he can remember.

Often writing with a strong female lead, he uses the medium of time travel as a way of exploring the past, creating a world where the miraculous is possible – and his brand of quirky historical fiction will be sure to delight lovers of both fantasy adventure and classic science fiction.

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