Demons of Time by Varun Sayal – Book Review

Demons of Time by Varun Sayal – Book Review

Demons of Time by Varun Sayal

Demons of Time: Race to the Seventh Sunset
Time Travelers Book One

Author – Varun Sayal
Pages – 218
Released – 30th March 2019
ISBN-13 – 978-9353518936
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Mike
Rating – 4 Stars
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3077 BC. Ancient India. A young child Tej and his mother were rescued from the atrocities of Kumbh, a demon of time. Their savior Rigu, a well-known sage, captured Kumbh inside a time-prison. Twenty years later, Tej’s scars have healed, but the fire of revenge burns inside him, unabated.

Rigu reveals to Tej that Kumbh has escaped his time-prison and plans to decimate human life on a global scale. Tej has a chance to satiate his thirst for vengeance, but he must travel five thousand years into the future to the year 2024 AD and re-capture the demon. He races against time as he has only seven days, after which Kumbh will be invincible.

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Demons of Time: Race to the Seventh Sunset is the first book in a Sci-fi Fantasy series that follows the young protagonist Tej in his quest for revenge against a time jumping demon that tortured him and his mother years before.

This story is only short so this limited character development, however, I found myself keen to come back to read on as the story itself, although brief, was enjoyable. I did like Tej, but there are too many other characters and not enough pages to get to know them all or care for them.

There are a few twists throughout which sets up well for further stories in the series.

Varun Sayal’s description of sci-fi was interesting and he used a concept I’ve not come across often before, so I enjoyed taking it all in.

The author does, however, use strange language that doesn’t quite flow at times and also makes his characters feel unbelievable, plus he describes some thing’s in a bit too much detail where more important, story building points could instead have been made.

That being said I did like this book and it kept me entertained. I would like to see more in this series but I feel they may need to be longer to fully appreciate the world the author is trying to create.

Book Reviewer – Mike

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About the Author


VARUN SAYAL is an engineer and MBA who has been involved in theatre as a playwright, actor, and director, and has also been an independent movie-maker. His genre of writing is predominantly science fiction blended with mythology and a sprinkle of the gruesome actualities of life. In his own words:

“I live by the quote, ‘a true art calms a disturbed mind and disturbs a calm mind.’”

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Demons of Time

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  1. Oh this sounds pretty cool and it’s neat that the story could be still good and that short. Great review.

  2. Fantastic that you like it. Thanks