Tell it to the Moon by Siobhan Curham – Book Review

Tell it to the Moon by Siobhan Curham – Book Review

Tell it to the Moon by Siobhan Curham

Tell it to the Moon
Moonlight Dreamers Book Two

Author – Siobhan Curham
Publisher – Walker Books
Pages – 336
Released – 3rd August 2017
ISBN-13 – 978-1406366150
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Stacey
Rating – 5 Stars
I received a free copy of this book.
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Tell It to the Moon continues the story of Moonlight Dreamers Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose, who are not like everyone else and don’t want to be: becoming friends gives them the courage to be themselves.

After failing to find her surrogate mother, Amber is left unsure of who she is and what she wants to do; Maali’s spiritual faith is tested when her father becomes ill; Sky, previously home-schooled, struggles to adapt to the pressures of the school system; and after having found the courage to come out, Rose begins to pursue her dream of becoming a patissier.

Once again the four girls band together to help one another overcome their individual challenges and fulfill their dreams in this fabulous and heart-warming celebration of friendship.

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‘Tell it to the Moon’ is the second book in the Moonlight Dreamers series, the first book ‘The Moonlight Dreamers‘ I reviewed back in September 2016 and absolutely loved it.

In this sequel, the girls are back. Rose, Maali, Sky, and Amber are all dealing with their own personal issues and relying on one another for help, friendship, and advice. The book begins at Christmas and ends the following Christmas, so we get to spend a whole year with the girls.

Rose begins her story in New York where she has travelled to spend time with her actor father and his girlfriend over Christmas. Her father though is rather preoccupied with his new script. In a moment of frustration and trying to get his attention she blurts out that she is gay. She has been hiding her feeling about her sexuality for so long it comes as a relief. Now she needs to tell her mum her friends – But how?

Maali is worried about her dad. He is being sick and having dizzy spells. He is also looking thin and old, eventually, he is rushed to the hospital where the doctors are very concerned about him. Maali starts to question her faith as she tries to understand why a god would allow a decent person to become so sick.

Sky has been home educated since she was little, however, her dad needs to work longer hours to earn more money, so he enrols her in the local school so she can sit GSCEs. Sky hates the school system. It’s like the places are trying to breed a load of sheep, making everyone look the same, act the same and behave the same. She doesn’t like how it is taking away people’s individuality. She also finds new love in poet Leon, but will everyone be happy for her?

Amber is struggling with her identity. She was born to a surrogate mother and so knows nothing about that side of her family. She tries to find out but she receives a letter telling her that her birth mother doesn’t want any contact with her. She is finding it difficult to move on with her life with only half her heritage known, thus causing her to have blockages when it comes to her writing and her blog.

What I love about this book (well the series really) is how it really focuses on the friendships these four girls have with one another. Yes, they have their moments like all friends do, but in their time of need, they are there for each other. Also, no problem is too small or silly. It reminds me of my teenage years where I had a great group of friends who told each other everything. Unfortunately, as you get older so do most of these types of friendships as people move away or start families, etc.

The girls are really lovely and caring. They are also very different from one another, even to their home life. Sky lives on a houseboat with her dad – Her mum died a few years ago, Amber lives with her two dads, Rose lives with her model mum who is either always drunk or on a health kick, and Maali lives with her parents and little brother. These four girls all come from different walks of life but have made their friendship work.

Tell it to the Moon is so amazing and I loved every minute of it. It is absorbing as it brings you into the life of these teenage girls and keeps you there for the duration of the book. It made me smile and feel good too. To quote Oscar Wilde – ‘I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.‘ and the best this book is!

Book Reviewer – Stacey

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About the Author

Siobhan Curham

Siobhan Curham is an award-winning author, editorial consultant, motivational speaker and life coach. Her books for young adults are: Dear Dylan (winner of the Young Minds Book Award), Finding Cherokee Brown (shortlisted for Wirral Paperback of the Year), Finding Your Inner Cherokee, Shipwrecked and Dark of the Moon (currently being developed for television), True Face, The Moonlight Dreamers and the Moonlight Dreamers sequel, Tell it to the Moon.

Her books for adults are: True Love Always, The Sweet Revenge of the Football Widows, The Scene Stealers and Antenatal & Postnatal Depression.

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Tell it to the Moon

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