Don’t Ever Smile at a Shark by Harriet Evans – Book Review

Don’t Ever Smile at a Shark by Harriet Evans – Book Review

Don't Ever Smile at a Shark by Harriet Evans

Don’t Ever Smile at a Shark

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If you meet a sea creature,

It’s best to be polite.

Otherwise, don’t be surprised

If they give you a fright!

Don’t make an enemy (or should that be ‘anemone’…) of any of these super sea dwellers and you’ll have a whale of a time with this fin-tastically fishy pop-up book! From a jumpy octopus and a pinchy crab to some cheeky clownfish and a hungry shark, there’s a whole host of underwater animals to meet.

Review by Stacey

Don’t Ever Smile at a Shark is a fun children’s pop-up book featuring a host of different sea creatures and why you should or shouldn’t do certain things to them, such as you should always be polite to a whale or never steal from a crab.

Each double page has rhyming text dotted around the pages and a large pop-up in the middle. There are also highlighted words for children to learn and remember.

Due to the pop-up, I would suggest that you either give this to a child who has grown out of the ripping phase or stay with a young child whilst they handle it as the pop-ups are made of thin card.

The book is adorable though and I especially loved the page with the clown fish on that move about as you open and close the book. It is good fun and will have little readers laughing.

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