Good Night and Sleep Tight by Esther Van Den Berg – Book Review

Good Night and Sleep Tight by Esther Van Den Berg – Book Review

Good Night and Sleep Tight by Esther Van Den Berg

Good Night and Sleep Tight

Author – Esther Van Den Berg
Publisher – Clavis
Pages – 32
Released – 3rd December 2020
ISBN-13 – 978-1605375885
Format – hardcover
Review by – Stacey
Rating – 5 Stars
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Dot is checking in to the Bug Hotel for the night. But before she goes to sleep, she makes sure all the other bugs are ready for bed. Good night, sleep tight!

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Dot the Ladybird is getting ready for bed. Before she goes to sleep she checks on all the other bugs at the Bug Hotel to say goodnight to them. First, she meets Dung Beetle who is having a bath, Dot thinks having a bath before bed is a good idea so she has one too.

Then she meets Stick Insect who is getting his pyjamas on, so Dot gets her dotty ones on as well. She goes from room to room saying goodnight to the bug residents who are all doing their own thing to prepare for bed.

Good Night and Sleep Tight is a fun look at the bugs staying at the Bug Hotel and their rituals for what they do before bed. From brushing their teeth to going to the toilet. The book most likely mimics a lot of children’s rituals before bed too.

The illustrations are superb. They are colourful, have intricate artwork, and bring the story to life. I can see children spending a long time looking at the images so that they can see everything that is going on, especially the drawings of the Bug Hotel.

This is the perfect book to read before bedtime – just like Book Worm. It might be short but it will bring a whole lot of joy.

Book Reviewer – Stacey

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