Grim Falls Academy Trilogy by Louise Forshaw – Book Review

Grim Falls Academy Trilogy by Louise Forshaw – Book Review

Grim Falls Academy Trilogy by Louise Forshaw

Grim Falls Academy Trilogy

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Join Seb, Victor and Tabby on their spooky adventures at Grim Falls Academy: a school for monsters!

Review by Stacey

The Grim Falls Academy Trilogy consists of three separate books in a hardcover binder. The books in the series are – ‘Don’t Eat the Soup!’, Don’t Feed the Glob!’ and Don’t Open the Box!’. Each book is 124 pages long, has numerous black and white illustrations, and contains a fabulous story featuring supernatural kids who all attend the Grim Falls Academy boarding school.

In book one best friends Sebastian (werewolf) and Victor (vampire) are in the cafeteria when the teachers all start sprouting tentacles. As all the other students run to their dorm rooms but the friends are locked in with the teachers. Can they figure out what is causing the problem and reverse it with the help of new student Tabitha, who up to now is just a normal human?

Book two sees the return of friends Sebastian, Victor, and Tabitha. In this book, they have been asked to look after glob spawns. Gooey little creatures given to them by their mad science teacher. The globs though are causing Tabitha to melt into a pile of slime and then the other students start disappearing. Can the friends work out what’s going on?

Lastly, book three. After an incident in PE. Sebastian and Khamun (a mummy) are sent to the greenhouse as punishment. Whilst there Sebastian discovers a box that was buried. Opening it he discovers a little creature inside who grants wishes but Sebastian doesn’t think his wish through properly. Can the friends make things right again?

The series is truly amazing. Yes, there are some Harry Potter vibes to it with a boarding school for the supernatural, three friends (2 male, one female), and different magical classes. However, this book is aimed at a much younger audience than the HP books, and the characters are not pursued by someone evil that dominates the plot.

Each book was enjoyable and adventurous. The characters are warm and inviting, even for werewolves, vampires, skeletons, zombies, etc and the drawings are amazing and bring the scenes to life. I also loved the bios at the end of book one which were very helpful for the whole series.

Overall, these books would make the perfect read for anytime of the year, but with Halloween fast approaching, purchasing them now would give your child a seasonal read they won’t forget. They are amusing, entertaining, and will keep the reader engrossed the whole way through.

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Louise Forshaw

Louise Forshaw

I’m Louise Forshaw, an illustrator and author living in a small town in the North East just outside Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

I work from home in my small studio being supervised by 3 noisy and very mischievous Jack Russell Terriers. Who are a constant distraction!

As a child I spent my time watching cartoons, creating my own characters, watching more cartoons and drawing comics to give to my favourite Teachers.

I graduated in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration and Animation from Newcastle College. After graduating, I spent a lot of time doing placements at various design companies and volunteering at a local Art Gallery. This gave me the opportunity to showcase my work alongside other artists such as Simon Donald, co-founder of the British comic magazine Viz.

I turned my attention to children’s books and in 2012, I signed with Advocate Art.

To date, I’ve illustrated over 80 books. My young fiction series as author-illustrator, GRIM FALLS ACADEMY was publish in August 2023 with Maverick Books.

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