Happy by Nicola Edwards – Book Review

Happy by Nicola Edwards – Book Review

Happy by Nicola Edwards

A Children’s Book of Mindfulness

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We breathe deep and expand like the galaxy,

We breathe out many thousands of stars,

And if ever we start to feel panicky,

This reminds us of just who we are.

The perfect soothing read for quiet time, Happy gently encourages young readers to explore their emotions and the beautiful world around them, with stunning illustrations and thought-provoking rhymes on every page.

Lyrical, emotive language encourages your child to step back and really appreciate their life within the moment. From savouring the taste of every meal to taking time to explore new places, there are so many ways we can slow down and find happiness. This beautiful poetry combined with ideas for how to practice mindfulness in the real world make this a wonderful introduction to finding inner peace.

Katie Hickey’s gentle, charismatic illustrations take readers on a journey to a place of happiness and calm, with bright and uplifting colours and comforting scenes of nature and home.

Review by Stacey

Mindfulness is something that is becoming more commonplace and a useful tool for reconnecting with yourself and the world around you that is often busy and loud. In this new book from author Nicola Edwards, Happy is about teaching children the art of mindfulness in a simple understanding manner

We often don’t think too much about children’s feelings but they too get worried, scared, stressed, etc, and this book teaches them some ways to help alleviate those feelings.

From listening to feeling, tasting to smell, the book uses the senses to create mindfulness. Each page is adorned with beautiful, soft, gentle, and relaxing images, alongside the rhyming text that gives children the tools they need to help themselves be mindful.

Happy is a fabulous book and one that should be read by all children, preferably over and over again when they need to reconnect with themselves. It really is a delightful read and one I enjoyed immensely. It would be perfect for adults too who want to learn about mindfulness.

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Nicola Edwards

Nicola was raised by the seaside in beautiful Brighton. She loves reading, dancing, rhyming and turquoise things. She now lives with her husband and son in East London and spends her days writing and editing children’s books. She has been nominated for the UKLA 2019 award.

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