Love is a Four-Legged Word by Michele Gorman – Read the first 5 chapters here for free

Love is a Four-Legged Word by Michele Gorman – Read the first 5 chapters here for free

Fancy a sneak peak at Michele Gorman’s upcoming novel ‘Love is a Four-Legged Word’? Well here you can read the first five chapters for free. Even Michele isn’t even posting the links for her fans on Facebook or twitter until September 24th. Well what you waiting for?

love-is-a-four-legged-word book cover

Love is a Four-Legged Word
The romantic comedy about canines, conception and fresh starts

Author – Michele Gorman
Publisher – Notting Hill Press
Pages – 308
Release Date – 13th October 2016
Format – ebook format

synopsis of a witch

Best friends Scarlett and Shannon spend their days tangled up in dog leads and covered in fur, running their dog business together. Scarlett’s intensive training course, Ruff Love, fixes owners as much as their pets, while Shannon spends her days walking spoiled pooches.

They share more than their business though: they also share Scarlett’s husband, Rufus, who’s been Shannon’s best friend since childhood. It’s a cosy setup. Unless one of them has a secret…

When Scarlett and Rufus’s baby plans are decimated by a surprise turn of events, their marriage hits the rocks and they both turn to Shannon. All three relationships are pushed to breaking point, but when loyalties become divided, how do you decide who’s most important?

Links to download the free sample book

Here are the links to get the first five chapters. They’re hosted on Google Drive. To get your book you need to click the relevant link, (Which ever format you need) then click the Download button. Once saved to your computer you can then transfer it to your reading device etc.

Epub copy – This version is best for use on smartphones, tablets, or e-readers.
Mobi copy – Chose this version for transferring to your Kindle.
PDF copy – This version is best if you want to read it on your computer.

Here are some fun quotes from the book

“She and Scarlett were in the sisterhood, they loved each other and they ran their business together. Besticles before testicles!”

“In her head she was the love child of Doctor Doolittle and Sigmund freud, a fairy dogmother who transformed pet owners’ lives across Greater London. In reality she spent a lot of time being drooled over in the mud.”

“Inside jokes. Sometimes she envied that about Rufus and Shannon’s childhood friendship. She’d come late to the party, and she suspected that some of the best songs might have been played already.”

“The excitement in his expression made Scarlett’s nether parts start to wibble. Finally, they were on the same page… or at least in the same book. She didn’t mind skim reading ahead to get to the good bits if she had to.

“Barkley glued his eyes to the aluminium foil as she unwrapped it. Dog treats? Leftover sandwich? Was it even edible? It didn’t matter – could he get it into his mouth? Chicken! It’s chicken! Everybody, the lady’s got chicken! He looked from Charlie to Hiccup. Hiccup wasn’t as impressed with the big reveal.”

Special pre-order price

During the pre-order period – through to October 12th the price for ‘Love is a Four Legged Word is just to 99p/99c, less than half price. On October 13th, publication day, the price will go back up to its normal price of £2.49/$5.99 so order it now, using the links below, and save yourself some money. link buy link


About the author of a witch

Michele Gorman

Michele writes books with heart and humour, full of best friends, girl power and, of course, love and romance. Call them beach books or summer reads, chick lit or romcom… readers and reviewers call them “feel good”, “relatable” and “thought-provoking”.

She is both a Sunday Times and a USA Today bestselling author, raised in the US and living in London. She is very fond of naps, ice cream and Richard Curtis films but objects to spiders and the word “portion”.

I spend way too much time on Twitter and Facebook when I should be writing, so please come say hello.


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